Fired for clocking in early

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Fired for clocking in early

Postby Bregt » Mon Dec 24, 2018 12:15 am

Hello, I am not sure if this is worthy of a spot on your program but I feel the need to let someone know I was done wrong. One week before Christmas I go into work already knowing that I may get chewed for clocking out an hour early couple days before. But I had no idea that I was being fired. The reason for my termination was "stealing food" mind you I am a waitress at a local diner have been going on three years.
My general manager told me don't bother clocking in you no longer have a job here. I was in shock and began asking why she tells me that I ate a grilled cheese sandwich that was not paid for and I had been watched on camera and throughout the day all I did was snack. Tears start flowing down my face because I hadn't done nothing that I hadn't done before or any other employee had done.
I begin begging please let me pay for it rather than be fired for clocking in early. I will give you my whole check, please don't fire me a week before Christmas. At this point she throws her hand in the air and says I don't want to hear or see anything that you have to say. I'm begging and crying she goes in the office and says if you don't leave I will call the police and have you removed from the property. So to keep from making a scene I agree to leave when leaving I asked the same manager if I may buy a drink and she refused to sell me anything to drink. I am so just humiliated by what they did to me. And to add more to the story the assistant manager puts a derogatory status referring to me and someone asks who's that too she says some white * at work
I have proof of everything that I have told you. I have even contacted the owner of the store and he has not gotten back with me. I feel like I've been wronged on many types of levels and what's worse is it’s a week before Christmas and now I can't get any gifts for my family or my fiancée. We were planning on making a trip to my family in Indiana so I could see my grandchildren that I haven't seen for almost two years. I currently live in a home with no electricity or heat please help. Thank you for your time Merry Christmas.

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