Seeking a Christmas basket

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Seeking a Christmas basket

Postby Rella » Sat Dec 15, 2018 9:51 am

Good Day,
This is somewhat of a special request or wish. Whether a Christmas basket be granted I leave to the Universe to decide. I'll try and be brief. Providing the short version to a much longer story. Moved to California last summer. Restarting life after losing my husband nearly seven years ago. A respiratory illness, Sarcoidosis. It's been difficult. Relocation from Northeast Philadelphia after recovering from minor surgery. Considering I am legally blind from a genetic impairment Retinitis Pigmentosa. I receive disability benefits but pay close to $1,000 rent for a studio apartment in Palmdale, CA, LA County. It was the least expensive, then safer environment. Been trying to find work since last fall. Albertsons the nearest Palmdale grocer. Northrop Grumman who never replied to my resume submissions. Retail. On and on.
Yet I've used the time wisely. Minding my own affairs. Unselfishly. Sow good seed. Donated art to Gabriel's Neighborhood House of Palmdale. Haven't heard back if it's been hung. Submitted poetry to community walk project. Standing in line at Albertsons one day after inquiring whether anyone had reviewed my application for employment at the coffee bar. A woman didn't have enough to cover her groceries. I had it added to my own because I knew how she felt. I've been there. Even though it hurt my short ended budget. What passes for it? Her bill was more than mine. Just couldn't let her walk away empty.
I don't like revealing these things because to me they are small. Should be kept anonymously between giver and receiver. But this Christmas finds me again as it did last year. Unable to get back East. This season is different because I lost my father unexpectedly. His birthday is this month. Immediately I thought I'll volunteer for the day. Except the Palmdale Shelter asks its volunteers bring the food to serve. And that is the problem. I won't have it. I've an interview next week after months of applying. Prayerfully things will go well but the little I've got will not stretch. Getting me to and from the interview in Santa Clarita. If I get an offer getting me to and from work until first pay. Getting home to pay respects and be with my family and friends impossible. Groceries for myself and volunteer effort on Christmas Day also not possible unless my wish be granted.
A basket. That's all I ask. Enough for myself and a neighbor in need. She has a heart condition and will likely not be able to make the drive to Los Angeles for the holiday. I'd like to be able to make Miss Pat (she's 80) smile. Preparing a meal to share. We were supposed to go see Sully, the movie together. The Palmdale Shelter I mentioned earlier never replied to my email. I asked them if I could volunteer anyway even though I might not be able to bring anything. If you, or some other open heart can grant this wish. One Thanksgiving Day basket. Nothing more or less. A special request from a sincere individual who doesn't want handouts or help. Recognition or personal assistance over necessity. Just a wish come true so I can be of service to someone else. Going on a limb and providing my address. Okay to call for verification. Everything I share is true. And even though you get far more urgent requests. Perhaps this is an easier one to fill.
P.S. Okay to forward or share with individual agency or organization you think may be in better position to respond.

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