Foster kids, 9 kids total, no work, and way behind

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Foster kids, 9 kids total, no work, and way behind

Post by Francine12 » Thu Nov 29, 2018 7:17 pm

Hi, I am going to get right down to the subject even though it’s very hard for me to swallow because I have always been a very proud, independent woman. Our house has fell into foreclosure and due to sell at the court house steps January 7, 2017 unless we can come up with the funds to save it. I have never been one to ask for anything. I guess that is why it has went this far, because I can't stand to ask for help. However; I have nothing to lose now but our home. I will give you a background story on us and maybe you can understand why we are in this situation now.
I was a single mother and was able to keep the house we live in now when my first husband left me. I went back to school, got on my feet and got a good job and was able to support myself and my daughter for about 6 years myself. My ex-husband then started taking me to court constantly over his child support (which he still owes, all together another story).
I paid out over $20,000.00 in lawyer fees, which is a lot for a single mother. My parents which live 3 houses up from me ask me if I would think about renting or selling my house and moving in with them until I could get back on my feet, so my daughter and me moved in with my parents and rented out our house for almost 3 years. Which I am very thankful my parents let me move in because I would have lost the house then if that hadn't happened. I met and married about 7 years ago. We moved into my house after we were married along with my daughter.
The first year we married he had to go under 2 surgeries (which we was not prepared for). It was hard on us, but we made it through. In May 2017, I started getting really sick, having seizures, passing out, and major migraine headaches. After seeing a lot of doctors and going through tests upon tests, (and still going through them) I was diagnosed with epilepsy, pseudotumor cerebri, chronic migraines, and others. I have not been able to work since July 2012, nor can I drive.
I seizures daily even though I take 27 pills a day. Medical bills have been overwhelming as well. So, in July 2015, we got another shock of our lives. A little boy was left at our door step like something you see out of a movie. With the clothes on his back and a half a bag of cereal and a key chain he was using as a toy. We didn't even know his name.
His aunt, grandmother, and grandfather said God told me the leave him with us. We didn't know what to do, but I knew that I was not going to let this little boy go with more strangers on the same day through foster care. I called the department of children's services in our area, which was a day they was closed because it was Columbus Day. We finally got someone to call us back and we took him to the office.
They at first thought we didn't want him after we told them the story. They wanted to send him to a group home in Memphis and that is on the other side of the state. We live in Morristown, TN. We both (my husband and I) in tears and said can we keep him? We wasn't foster parents, and didn't really know what we was getting into. However; we both felt in our hearts he was left with us for a reason. So we agreed to go through the foster care classes to keep him and 11 months later we got to adopt Jeramiah. With one extra mouth to feed we managed to make it through. We decided to keep our home open for foster care because we felt like that was our purpose in life.
We have had 8 children in and out of our house. Our last child, he was 7 years old as well when we go him. He had already been in foster care 14 months and was about to be up for adoption. His other foster parents didn't want to adopt so they had him moved. When we got the call for him I myself was hesitant because adoption is a life changing thing and we were already stretching to budget. But when they brought him to meet us, we felt an instant connection with him. None of his other family members were willing to take him, and his little sister was already adopted to his aunt.
He was so alone, but a very brave little boy. We had to keep him. A year later we got to adopt him. All the while, my health starts getting worse, more seizures, worse headaches, and on and on. More costs on medicines and doctors.
I have been trying to get social security disability since August 2016. I have been turned down numerous times and still holding on that I will get approved. I never once in a million years thought I would be in the position I am now. I have worked since I was 15. I never asked for handouts or charity, no government assistance of any kind. However; my parents do not have the funds to help us anymore. I have used their credit card to even pay bills with but I can no longer keep doing that to them either. Even though they insisted I did use them because they knew if I ever did get my SSDI I will pay the card off. I hope and pray that someone out there will help us in our struggle.
I don't want to move these kids out of the only stable home they have ever had. These kids have slept in barns, cars, shelters. Had no food running water or electricity when they were with their other families. It breaks my heart just for them a lot more than it does for myself or him. I have nowhere to turn, if you can help in any way we would appreciate it so much. I made myself a promise that if I ever do get my SSDI I will help someone in need like we are right now, because that is the way I have always been.
Thank you so very much for reading my long story. I hope you can find it in your heart to help us. Thanks you so much,

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Re: Foster kids, 9 kids total, no work, and way behind

Post by PlaceLikeThis » Fri Apr 02, 2021 7:45 pm

Hi, my name is Jenn. My fiancé and I have 3 children plus our 2 nieces living with us plus 4 foster kids for a total of 9 kids.
I am reaching out to you because we are in need of help. Currently living in a house with no electric or gas. The kids have been staying with friends or relatives. Our house is in a short sale to avoid foreclosure so fixing the electric is not reasonable. We found a home and are struggling to come up with first and security. We need 1750 for security and have to come up with just 300 more for the first month as well as food for the 9 kids.
If you or you know how we can get help it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much, Jenn

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