Help with 3 basic needs

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Help with 3 basic needs

Postby Flower10 » Sun Nov 18, 2018 7:20 pm

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We are both disabled per the psychiatrist of 10 years and in the process of getting on SSDI. It has been a year so far and we have exhausted every avenue to financial independence for our three main basic needs. We got evicted three months ago and are living with my 82 year old father who can't even afford himself let alone us. We cannot work because the state and the doctors told us to not even try our cases were definitely going through first time but how much longer is the question. We have no toiletries, gas for the doctor. Also my wife is a severe diabetic. We don't get enough snap benefits to feed us even half the time. We've been going to food banks and we cannot afford to pay our insurance copays to even get our medicine.
If we had the gas. We have nothing no clothing, shoes, toilet paper, you can think of it we don't have it or the money for it.
I am eating only mashed potatoes because I cannot afford denture adhesive for my teeth so I can't chew. I've list 15 lbs. and my wife is reusing her lancets and her needles and not testing her sugar enough to save money on diabetic supplies.
We have applied for all the aid out there for each financial deficit but we're told it will be a while if at all before any relief comes our way. I am reaching out to you for any type of cash assistance or gift cards or vouchers to cover our three basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.
We are not trying to live comfortably we're just trying to survive another day none of us. We do not see any financial relief for at least two or three more months as we have no hope that we'll survive without your immediate help . Anything you could give us we could use to immediately better ourselves. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and good willing you might be able to help us stay alive another day. This would not be an issue if we were not out if everything a person needs for day to day living. Nobody drinks smokes or does any drugs. We just have no income and were not blowing money on trivial things.
We have zero dollars between all three of us and nobody can foresee anything except my father's SS check on the 15th of September. We'll never get by until then and it has to go to pay utilities and very little left. Please help us if you can. I've never done this before I worked since I was 12 and paid in that many taxes. Thanks for your kindness ahead of time.
You can contact me with or without available help options. It's a landline that's all we can afford. I have government data on my phone but no minutes.
Thank you so much
If you could think it over and let me know how I can get through this and come out on the other side asap either by phone or text or email. I'll do anything I can for you if you pay for these 3 needs we have. I could volunteer at something simple since I am autistic. It's hard for me to do certain jobs around people because I don't know how to communicate well with others.
Let me know either way.
Have a good day.

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Re: Help with 3 basic needs

Postby Emma » Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:23 pm

I am single mother of 2 boys who married for 14 years. We are separated, he offers no support and child support couldn't get me an appointment until the 20th of January. I need any help available for utilities, emergency financial assistance, food....everything. Those so called basics. I was approved for begin April. I just am finding out about these possibilities.

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