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Short term disability expired

Posted: Wed Nov 14, 2018 4:34 pm
by DunkinStarbucks
I have been struggling with what was just recently diagnosed by the VA for the past 4 1/2 years, it has been a very difficult struggle, I only wished that I had seen the VA much sooner rather than have civilian doctors running every test possible, admitting me to the hospital, having about 20 ER and urgent care visits over the past 4 1/2 years, and having way too many meds prescribed to me (currently on 14 prescriptions). My family and I live in Wrightstown, WI 54180.
I am writing to inquire about emergency assistance funds for my family and me. I am an OEF Veteran who is currently out of work as I had to be placed on short term disability due to injuries associated with my service, my short term disability expired on 2/12/17. My long term disability is being processed but will be at least another 2 weeks and I have used all of my vacation/sick time already so I have no income coming in. I am seeking assistance for this period until my long term disability can be processed.
I was able to pay for my mortgage bill in March but will not be able to cover next month, nor do I have any income to support my family (wife and three children), or cover utilities, loan payments, food, household supplies, or vehicle expenses. I have had to use all of my savings as well. Including taking a loan on my 401K from work. I am out of options and the processing of my long term disability is taking too long to sustain the well-being of my family. Please have a representative contact me for specific information on my disabilities and situation.
Our family has come upon very hard times and is in need of assistance. I went on medical disability leave from work and thought it would me a short absence, I have now been unable to be cleared to return to work still to this day. It is turning out to be what the main doctor believes to be an auto immune disorder but the VA recently also submitted a request for service connected disability, however responses on those can take up to a year. This past week one of my doctors did a procedure on my neck which involved making an incision and cauterizing 3 separate nerves in order to eliminate the daily migraine portion of it. Also between the pain levels, insomnia due to chronic pain, and the mass prescriptions I am on they performed a neuropsych eval and determined that my short term memory as well as further cognitive memory has been significantly deteriorated therefore I still am unable to be cleared to return to work.
We have reached a point where we have exhausted all emergency funds and are also at a point where my short term disability has expired and we are still waiting to hear from the insurance company on if their clinical board approves my long term disability benefits. So at this point we have had zero income coming in for nearly 4 weeks and are still unsure if they will approve the long term or even how much longer it will be before they make a final decision. It has finally reached a breaking point stress wise in our family, which now has myself in a situation where I only want what is best for my wife and daughters.
It has worn on everyone and honestly has begun to drag them down with the same depression that has taken hold of me. I have been near bed ridden throughout this process and typically can only manage roughly 4 straight hours of any form of activity level, even if just trying to play with our girls.
This has been a mess since it first started in August and here we are in March and now in limbo between the short term and long term. At this point our family consisting of myself the sole provider, my wife, and our 3 daughter’s ages 1, 5 and 13 ask for any help that can be offered. The stress has grown and taken its toll on us all, and now there is a feeling of fear creeping in that is at a very high level. As a husband and father regardless of where I reside and regardless of whatever decision is made regarding our future, it is my responsibility and job to make sure they are still provided for and that they do not need to be scared or stress with financial matters.
This is the most difficult time we have ever faced as a family and the absolute hardest thing I have ever experienced with feeling the pain of knowing that I currently cannot provide for them, essentially at all levels. Again any help would truly be a miracle at this point and remove some of the fear of the constant living expenses adding up, with my family’s home and mortgage hanging over them, the usual utilities and gas expenses, food costs, and the nonstop growing pile of medical bills. Any help would be an absolute blessing.

Re: Short term disability expired

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 12:07 pm
by TimMac
I am a US ARMY Veteran. I have been out of work since April due to hip needed & had total hip replacement in July (I worked for Maine Veterans Home as a CNA). I am no longer eligible for short term disability and was fired over the phone and my STD pay expired. My only income is veterans disability $263/month. Have rent, car, car insurance and cell phone bill. On outpatient therapy cannot walk on own yet looking for part time job but who will hire me with limitations. I desperately need help. Thank you for considering this. Any help is appreciated.

Re: Short term disability expired

Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 9:09 pm
by Admin
Then try long term disability. SSi, SSDI, and other social security type resources. We have them all listed here, under the disability resources.