My family and our store for Christmas

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My family and our store for Christmas

Postby MaxieMooCow » Sat Nov 03, 2018 3:51 pm

I have been so very busy trying to navigate a seemingly impossible adventure and
I would like to introduce my family to you. I am a single parent on a fixed limited income with my VA disability. I have 2 children, twin girls age 7. They are my inspiration and motivation in life.
We have been through many life adventures, trials and tribulations. In 2012 my girls and I purchased a house. This was both a blessing and a heartache as we have ended up being basically home bound since due to all of the work that needed and continues to need to be done on and around our home.
We were told in 2013 that my children were on the spectrum along with several other diagnosis and these would then bring us to further adventures and demands affecting our lives. A few years ago I was approached by a representative with DAV in conjunction with Home Depot about a project that was being done for female disabled veterans and making a house a home inside and out.
With this I was told to stop all we were doing and put everything to a halt (no more purchases or changes to the house at all). I was next on the list and from what I gather the funding was cut and my house and the projects to be done were removed from the list and not going to be done, I was not going to get the help we needed. This was a bit challenging as there were and still are many things that need to be fixed and done so that this house can be a home. I have yet to fully unpack, my garage is still very full all of my children's "fun" is inaccessible in the garage. There are many unfinished projects all throughout the house. During this time my girls were told that were going to get a climbing structure for the back yard so they could do their physical and occupational therapies and practice their gymnastics (we had to quit I could no longer afford it) all in a safe place at home. My girls were told they would have the sensory swing, the ability to practice balance and strengths with the rope ladder, climbing wall, monkey bars, balance beam, an a-frame swing that also spins all under a shade screen to protect both my girls and the equipment from the burning sun. I am not wanting anyone to feel sorry for us because I know that I was only given what I could handle and these times in our lives have made us stronger as a family.
With this all said we do need help. For now I would love to be able to provide Christmas for my children. I want to be able to decorate the outside of our home this year, we didn't get to do it last year because I was trying to navigate getting help for my children at school and I was very depressed and wanted nothing to do with any of the holidays but I had to try for my girls so I put up a tree. I would love if we could get help setting up our decorations for the holidays this year. I have what we need, I just need help getting it out and set up. I feel that it is time to pick up and smile and I need help in doing so.
I try to do 1 combo gift from Santa to my girls each year. This year I have been working on getting a PlayStation so we can play Minecraft together. I'm not seeing this happening as it is very expensive maybe for their birthday in August.
I have also been watching and reading the Harry Potter movies and books so I'm thinking the full set of each as their combo family gift. I have a couple gift cards for this that I have kept and saved from their birthday gifts.
For my girls they have each asked me for 2 things a sewing machine so they can learn how to sew and make things and Minecraft the game (they were given this game about 6 months ago as a reward for accomplishing what seemed to be the impossible and it was taken away along with the method of playing it) they want to be able to play a game as their reward for doing their homework. So, I am working on saving to find a PlayStation and 2 controllers so I can get this 1 game they keep talking about. I honestly wouldn't usually think about playing video games but it is supposed to be great for children on the spectrum as a way to help express themselves.
My mommy gift to them my working on learning how to make a scrap book for each on my girls of their birthday presents (1st concerts, I had a job during the summer and used my tip money to pay for the tickets and was laid off in September) I wanted to include a CD of each of the artist that they saw Carrie Underwood and Meghan Trainor to put inside of the books. Is there any chance someone knows how to make a scrapbook and can I please get help doing it? I have no clue and not a lot of time.
I asked each of my girls what they want so I can try to do something specific of what they may want. Here goes a short list for each child.

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