Struggling as i lost my business

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Struggling as i lost my business

Postby Ditka » Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:10 pm

I live in Destin Florida and I have two children a 13 year old son and my daughter is 8. My husband of 19 years left me about a month ago and we were evicted from our home. We are separated and do to see us getting back together.
I had my own business that I lost because he took the only vehicle we had and has given me no help financially. My kids have been staying with family in Destin where it is very structured going to church twice a week and around their cousin's and aunt and uncle during this time.
They are registered for school coming soon and I am in desperate need for help in finding a place to live and help paying for that place in till I can find a job and or try and save my business. I have been in mobile Alabama where my parents live because they have been helping me such as buying me a car so I can have a way to get to and from school and my job.
My kids are with my husband's parents on vacation for about a week and a half and then they are back with me at my cousin's but I am hoping to get the help that I need to find a decent place to call home.
If someone can call me so I can get my options and let me know what I need to do next. I am willing and able to take care of my kids for I have been doing so their whole life but did not expect not ask for what is happened to my family. I look forward to speaking to someone to discuss what I need to do next. Thank you very much.

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Re: Struggling as i lost my business

Postby Ford999 » Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:50 pm

I am a newly divorced, mother of two teenagers. After my divorce of my 33 years marriage I lost my business in it. I was then forced to work part time just while the kids where in school, but I lost hat job. I have worked at my business for many years. I have not had a paycheck in on month. I have most of my rent, but not the ungodly late charge, they filed eviction, I have not way of getting the money. My kids can't be out on the street. Call me.

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