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Disability for behavioral and mental issues

Posted: Sat Feb 20, 2016 9:48 am
by G Hucker
Hello, I am a 25 year old single mother of two little girls ages 5, today and 1. These girls are my everything. I am writing you today because I need help I need my children and my family to experience life. Born and raised in southeast San Diego, my life growing up has always been hard and unfair. I've been abused, I have been award of the state, and I have been through things I could never imagine my children having to go through. I am asking for any help I can get. I live in a small home and take care of both my disabled senior citizen parents and my disabled sister who is pregnant with twins. If I didn't need help I wouldn't be asking.
In April my closest sibling was shot execution style, she had just turned 29 years old. They left her lifeless on the street. If you don't know what losing a loved one especially to murder is like, it's something you would never wish upon your worst enemy. She was my closest sibling out of four others, 2 brothers and 2 other sisters. Our mother still isn't the same. She's dying from Emphazema and losing her first born daughter is killing her even quicker.
Three out of four siblings were incarcerated when my sister was murdered. I have never been to jail myself. My eldest brother and sister, who is now pregnant with twins, both lost their minds. My pregnant sister refuses to leave the house and has been that way since it happened. My brother ended up in the penitentiary. My other sister is in denial and is so angry with the world. My baby brother can't even handle being around his family, because he still hasn't come to terms with her murder yet. He is close to mental illness. My 8 year old was with her the last night she was alive. Her emotional problems are escalating into behavioral problems and she still holds hope her aunt is coming back.
Well in July the trial begins for my sister’s murder. 7 of her close friends of 16 years are being charged with her murder, Rico conspiracy. Please search her name or mine to better understand your situation. My sister was shot literally five blocks down from where my home is. After you learn about the case you will realize that my house, my home, my neighborhood is no longer safe. I need to break the cycle! I can't even go to school. I want to work in criminal justice. I can't get a temporary job. I carry this entire family’s weight on my shoulders. I responsible for my parents handling the situations I will as well as my children as well as my older sister and nephew. I have never had a together happy content family or home. But children nieces and nephews deserve more than I could ever give to them. I am reaching out because I cannot give up and I cannot give up but I need help. I'm only one person and I am awaiting disability myself due to severe subluxation in three areas of my spine.
My family and I need to move on completely leave it all behind, so we need help from SSI disability. The hurt the hardship and the confusion. My main goal is to separate my sisters and me for my parents so we could become independent and so they can live the rest of their life out how they want to in peace. If you can just help get us into our own family home so we can raise these children the best we can. We are senior citizens three women and 5 children. What can you do to help us? There really isn't anything that we do not need.
Thank you for your time and this opportunity.
Feel free to contact me.

Re: Disability for behavioral and mental issues

Posted: Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:15 pm
by GTerese
I am a 61 year old who as severe chronic mental and physical problems. Presently on SSDI and medical and Medicare. But now homeless and scared and need help especially a counselor or social worker who can help guide me in the right direction to get a place to rent, just anything with a roof over my head.
I am scared and don't know where to go, need help my monies are not enough to pay all my medical bills etc. I need help to pay for a small apartment in San Fernando valley and lost, soon will be in streets and really bad off don't know what to do. Can a counselor or social worker help me guide me consult with me so I may survive I am really scared? I am waiting for section 8, but it won’t help as it takes forever and I can't make it with this amount of time.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Respectively,