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All of the resources for the working poor in Montana

Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2015 10:23 am
by Judd Alexis
My one year old daughter and I lost our place to live a month ago. And my mother is disabled and can no longer watch my child causing me to lose my job. We live in Montana there is no homeless shelter here. HRDC offered blankets. Didn't even offer me half of any program options they have available.

Re: All of the resources for the working poor in Montana

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 9:17 am
by Hopkins
Please help, my wife and I currently just got evicted and we are looking for work. We are from Montana and are currently homeless. My wife and I are scared and its middle of winter. Can you please help us get back on our feet again? We are not sure what to do or where to ask for help, as it seems like all the aid is for the poor. Thank you and happy holidays.

Re: All of the resources for the working poor in Montana

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 12:30 pm
by Cameroon
I am a 29 year old single father
And live in Savannah, MO. I am an honorably discharged U.S. Marine,
And was awarded a Certificate of Commendation for my service, along
With two service medals. I have some questions about how to apply for
Assistance with the rent payments and utilities, or if there is any
Help available to me, through any government/privately ran outlet. My
Son is about to turn 5 in May, and will be starting school in Kansas
City, MO this fall - 2018. I have 50% custody of him, and would like
To be able to provide a small home/apartment for us to live in, closer
To where he will be attending kindergarten (public school), in order
To continue being able to exercise my court allotted 50% custody,
Which I was granted and have exercised since before my divorce was
Finalized in the fall of 2014... (Separated from my ex-wife in Sept
I, and my son, currently live with my mother and father and
They are very gracious in the help they have given us since I was
Divorced in 2014. I have an anxiety disorder and have been treated
For manic depression, as well as a severe attention deficit
Hyper-active disorder by two separate doctors.
My current doctor has
Worked with me over the last year and a half to resolve the medication
Possibilities/treatments that can allow me to work a job that does not
Place a demanding amount of high level stress, as I have not been able
To work in the same capacity that I have been able to until my
Disorder’s seemingly became worse and have required that I change the
Environment/type of work that has, until about 2 years ago, allowed me
To pay my rent/car/insurance payments for myself and my son. I have
Been forced to move my son (on his court allotted time spent with me)
To my parents’ home where I have been allowed to stay with him, until
Things got straightened out with a job that allows me to pay my bills
And that I can handle given the medical problems that have given me
Countless problems at every attempt I've made to begin work with a new
Employer for some time now.
I recently was hired to work for a hotel in Saint Joseph, and
make $8.00/hr. through them. They do not guarantee me full time (40)
Hours a week, nor do they provide benefits such as health insurance
Which I am required by the divorce to carry for my boy. I as well
Have not had insurance and have had to painstakingly try to figure out
How to pay my doctor's visit bills, and for my medications, out of
Pocket. This has kept what I have made at several employers from
Covering our food/home/power/car payment/car insurance/ etc...
I can generally be reached from 8am to
Around 8pm. I cannot thank you enough for your time and would be
Thankful for any help/information you could assist me with.