Report abuse and fraud in the system

State and local government assistance programs.
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Report abuse and fraud in the system

Postby Agilent » Thu May 14, 2015 12:58 pm

I know for sure that a person is receiving rent benefits paid to owner of property that this person is also the registered owner of the property (mobile home). This person has a boyfriend living with her and subsidizing her income as well as this person also has income periodically from working at cleaning homes and being a caregiver. She gets paid cash on these jobs but I can get proof of one of her house cleaning jobs as she owed another person money that she had gotten through deceit and manipulation and that person let her work off a couple of thousand dollars that was owed by cleaning house. that person kept a signed record of the debt signed by her.
I would like to give you specific information but would like to keep it anonymous if possible due to my job, but I do not mind giving you my name if necessary. This person's is living in the 91387 area and I believe she collects these funds from the Los Angeles area.
When she first moved to California from Texas she came here as a caregiver even though she herself is permanently disabled. At that time her income was from Texas aid of some sort and a friend of hers in Texas was getting paid to be her caregiver while she was actually in California. The this supposedly caregiver split the money by sending half of it to her in California. I do not know where to report this information and hope that you can take charge of this information.

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Re: Report abuse and fraud in the system

Postby Maryannbernaz » Thu Nov 22, 2018 11:43 am

Good morning-
I’m not really sure where to go, but I wanted to report an abuse of resources. My ex husband who lives in Winooski VT is getting free housing because the state of VT believes that his parents are living there with their special needs son. They have moved to Plattsburgh NY and are getting free housing there as well as they committed fraud on their application. I don’t think it’s fair that they get to abuse the system but I’m not sure where to go and who to inform so they can do further research on this.

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