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Child custody dispute

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 11:45 am
by Valerie
I am a disabled Army veteran. I am going through a divorce with a particularly nasty woman. My wife of 5 years, only 3 living together, is trying to take away the only person I care about, my son. He is five years old and she now wants to restrict the already nonexistent communication we have because she wants money. I will attach my initial response to the papers I was served today from her attorney. I am not working as I have some medical issues that make it very difficult to hold a steady job down.
Please help! My son wants to stay with me, it’s the first I have been able to a have him in 2 years because I was stationed overseas and she would not allow him to get a passport. I feel that she is a flight risk as she is not a citizen. After she left and as I was finding out what was happening, she would not let me talk to or see my son for more than a year. Her green card is expiring in the near future, and she already has a new child to care for. I do not feel she takes adequate care of my son. I do not wish to remover her from his life, I actually am all about open communications with her, but she has lied to me, and the courts in the past and currently about the real situation we have here.
I have a fixed income of my disability and post 9/11 GI Bill money. It is not enough and after everything she has done, I will not pay for her other son (my insurance paid for most if not all of her pregnancy already) as it would be a serious violation of my morals and ethics to do so. I want nothing from her, just to be free of her.

Re: Child custody dispute

Posted: Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:16 am
by BearsFan1000
Chronically Ill single mom of an almost 13 year old. I've been struggling for years and now I feel like I've hit rock bottom. I need help with a child custody dispute as well as all my bills or even just some of them would be a huge help.
My dad paid for my cars, my doctor visits, and my daughters 2 sets of braces. Her father refuses to help. I only get child support because the state started taking it out of his disability check. I need legal help also. If, possible because of how she is treated at her dad's house. She’s very vocal about it accept to her dad because she doesn't know what will happen if she did. Sometimes right before going to her dad’s house she screams and I don't know what to do to stay out of trouble with the court. The court doesn't even follow court orders on the child custody in place when I take him to court for contempt.
I'm desperate to get a modification of custody where I have full sole custody and his visits stopped and desperate to get back on my feet financially. Being disabled like I am I just want peace and health. I've been fighting my health for 10 years. If it wasn't for my daughter I would have stopped taking all my medicines. But she needs me so I keep fighting. I'm 31 years old and have had 13 surgeries that I remember. My social security disability is nowhere near enough to support us. I used to think when I was married to him that was rock bottom; now I look back on my life and realize so far this is rock bottom. Please I beg you if there is anything you can help me with. Please contact me by the email I provided in this form or call my cell.