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State and local government assistance programs.
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Re: All available assistance

Postby Coastal » Sat Jan 19, 2019 1:35 pm

Hello, I have read the states example I’m in MA, and Norfolk County. There was not an agency for my location? I’m disabled and owe back rent of $3.000.00 I just got approved for social sececurity disability. I am thankful however I will NEVER be able to catch up, I can’t even talk about other things, Food, loans, support emotional dog is sick??? Car insurance, gas, repairs, parking in BU medical in Boston lots of times to see my neuro, and surgeon, 30 miles away is my specialist in psychical therapy 3 times a week!!! Loans 2 from bank and 2 from what use to be friends. Excise tax in a few days I will have a warrant out!!! There is too much to list them all, HOWEVER I know once I catch up I can maintain.
I have NEVER even got a speeding ticket!!! Phone bill, internet, I canceled cable, every day needs. I have tried everything I cannot take this anymore please help me! I’m losing it for real.

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