I have ovarian cancer

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I have ovarian cancer

Post by Joanne » Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:41 am

A plea for help,
I'm reaching out for help because at this point I have nowhere else to turn. For the last few years I have faced many challenges in my life and I have found strength I never knew I had and survived circumstances I never expected to face in a lifetime, but I can't get through this alone anymore.
When I was 27 my husband rushed me to the emergency room as I cried in pain and clung to my abdomen. I could see a lump protruding from my stomach and I had no idea what was wrong. I had suffered with abdominal pain for several years and it was becoming increasingly severe. My husband rushed me to the emergency room with such frequency that the doctors stopped attributing the pain to "gluten intolerance" or "a cyst that should resolve on its own" and took my pain seriously. Due to the severity of my pain and frequent hospital visits surgery was performed. During surgery it was discovered that my ovary had twisted around three times due to the "cyst" cutting off all blood supply and my ovary had died inside my body, so it was removed. A biopsy was performed, and I was diagnosed with a yolk sac tumor, which is an extremely aggressive and rare form of ovarian cancer accounting for less than 1% of ovarian cancer diagnosis. I was diagnosed on a Friday and my doctor recommended I start chemo the following Monday due to the aggressive nature of this type of cancer. I was completely blindsided and unprepared for such a monumental disruption to my life.
Over the next three months I spent most days in the hospital for 3 to 4-hour sessions of chemotherapy as my husband of three years and best friend since my family moved down the street from his when I was seven years old was by my side holding my hand for every single session without fail or complaint. I appreciated him so much. On the third week of chemo my long hair began to fall out in clumps and to spare myself the pain and denial of the inevitable I asked my husband to shave my head. I was stone, this was a dream. I was disassociated and watched as if this was happening to a couple of strangers as my husband cried and my remaining hair drifted to the floor. For some reason losing my hair was the hardest part of it all. I accepted death and I stayed strong and positive, so my friends and family would find comfort in my strength and not feel sad or afraid for me, but I couldn't seem to find peace with losing my hair. Everyone would tell me it grows back and that would make me so angry. In retrospect it’s the craziest thing, they were right!
I developed a chronic cough and it was masked with medication throughout my chemotherapy. After three rounds the chemo was a success. I was cancer free! My cough however was getting worse and it was becoming very difficult to breathe. I was diagnosed with pneumonia and given antibiotics. It didn't work. I was given the same diagnosis again and prescribed stronger medicine. It didn't work. I could barely breathe and without oxygen I could barely find strength to stand. One week my husband had to travel for work. I was alone and needed to use the restroom. I tried to push myself out of bed to walk the forbidding distance between my bedroom and the adjacent room. I couldn't muster up the strength. I fell to the floor weak and defeated. I tried to crawl, but I wasn't strong enough. Finally, after many hours I was able to find the strength to reach for my phone and call for help.
When the paramedics arrived, they lifted me from the floor and carried me to safety. I was all too familiar with this hospital but this time I was alone, and no doctor could figure out why I couldn't breathe...I had tubes of oxygen up my nose keeping me alive as my condition continued to deteriorate. My condition was a mystery and appeared to be pneumonia on every CT scan, yet my condition would continue to worsen during treatment and when my saliva was finally analyzed for the disease it wasn't present. For the first time I really thought I was going to die. I have never been more afraid.
I was put on steroids and I started to improve. The chemo had damaged my lungs and my body couldn't tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy tissue and was attacking itself. I was bedridden for so long that I developed a blood clot in one of my legs and was also prescribed blood thinners. The chemo was done but I was sicker and balder than ever. I took steroids in very high doses over the next 6 months and they disfigured my body beyond recognition. I was thin and pretty before this, but the steroids distributed fat into a hump on my back and my face became rounded like the moon. I gained 30 pounds very rapidly and was completely bald. I had to give myself shots in the stomach every morning with blood thinners and when my stomach was so bruised that I couldn't find a place for the needle I migrated to my upper thighs.
It couldn't get any worse. Then it did. My husband was cheating on me the entire time. I was betrayed, and my confidence and self-esteem were destroyed by his rejection as well as the way my poor health had disfigured my appearance. I wanted my marriage to work so I forgave him, and he promised he would change. He didn't. He just found another woman and began another affair. Once again, I didn't know for months. Once again, I forgave him, and we began marriage counseling. I felt hopeful and willing to trust him and focus on the future. He never stopped seeing her. He went to counseling and lied to the pastor and lied to me and carried on the affair the whole time.
He was always angry and started to yell and scream. He had never been this way before. He became violent and the neighbors called the police again and again. I didn't know this man. He was arrested several times and charged with domestic violence. This made him worse. Finally, I was afraid for my safely and I moved out. This didn't stop him. He would enter my home without my permission and break my things. Afraid for my safely. I filed a restraining order and moved again. He has been convicted of domestic violence a been receiving counseling and I believe he will get through this a better man. I have forgiven him and wish him nothing but peace and happiness. He is a good man and I appreciate his love and strength when I was weak, but my weakness made him weak and I don't want that for him. I have been supporting myself for the past year and starting to rebuild my life but on January 2nd I lost my job. I have been actively looking for work and just this morning I was finally offered a job.
The reason I am telling you all this is because I am being evicted and I need help so that I don't lose my home. I am burdened with incredible debt from medical bills and have been just barely making ends meet. When I lost my job, I had no savings and I have barely been able to afford food. I haven't been able to pay my rent and I am 2 months behind. If I cannot pay my rent before Monday February 26th I am going to lose my home and my credit will be ruined. I am reaching out to you because I have exhausted all my resources and I have no options left. I have sold everything of value that I owned and that has barely kept food on the table. I will start my new job soon and if I can get through this I will bounce back and be strong again. I would greatly appreciate assistance with rent to avoid eviction. I can overcome all of this and begin having a future rather than this life of constantly trying to overcome the endless obstacles my past presents for me.
I have such hope and faith that I am making the right decisions and that I am a survivor of ovarian cancer but right now I cannot get through this alone. Please help me avoid eviction. If I am evicted I don't know if I will be approved to rent an apartment again and I am humbled and afraid for my future. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Sincerely humbled and grateful,

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Re: I have ovarian cancer

Post by Omni » Wed Apr 29, 2020 9:47 am

Hello, My name is Kristina. I am a 34 year old cancer survivor of Ovarian/Cervical and Breast Cancer and need financial help and medical care. I have 4 children that currently due not reside with me due to my past illness and currently homeless. I've been staying at a friend's house the last couple of months and trying to seek help. In the meantime, still able to spend time with my kids. I'm receiving SSI, that's my only source of income and looking for part time work to have a little bit more stability.
I've done so much research on trying to receive help but seems hopeless for me. I see that you’re affiliated with many health care and cancer organizations and hoping I can receive some type of help. I had pre applied for many places and am on waiting list but am in need of something by August. My friend’s house, I’m currently staying at is a 3 bedroom house with 7 people living in it. I'm sleeping on the couch. I'm thankful I have a roof over my head but my time is limited. I pray to god every day and night that he gives me the strength to get through this hardship.
Nothing seems to be working in my favor. I push every day for my kids. That's the only reason I'm still here is because I fought and beat it. I believe god doesn't put anything in your hands you can't handle. I'm starting to feel helpless. I'm going through this hardship with ovarian cancer and seeking help with housing and my health care insurance and bills. I know someone has the resources to help me. If there is anything you can suggest or have resources I might not have heard, please email me back. Thank you so much for your time in reading this, even if I don't get any comment back.

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Re: I have ovarian cancer

Post by Admin » Thu Jul 23, 2020 5:10 pm

Hi Kristina,
We are sorry for your battles. There may be resources for people with Ovarian Cancer. Both national and non-profit groups may offer care, advice, financial aid and more. Find them here. https://www.needhelppayingbills.com/htm ... bills.html
Omni wrote:
Wed Apr 29, 2020 9:47 am
Hello, My name is Kristina. I am a 34 year old cancer survivor of Ovarian/Cervical and Breast Cancer and need financial help and medical care.

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