Neurosurgeon was needed, now have bills

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Neurosurgeon was needed, now have bills

Post by Johnsonss » Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:41 pm

Please, I am a disabled senior whose husband worked until 2 years ago when he went in to get a physical for his renewal on his commercial license. During his physical he was told he needed to see a heart specialist and a neurosurgeon.
He first went to see the Neurosurgeon who told him he needed Spinal Fusion Surgery immediately. He saw the Heart Specialist who recommended he be seen for heart replacement surgery after his Spinal Surgery, so he gave the okay to have that first.
Two weeks into my husband's recovery he suffered a Stroke, which left him partially paralyzed and brain damaged. Our dog prior to this was paralyzed and I suffered a torn meniscus after being attacked by a stray dog. My credit score went down from 780 to 426. We kept having more issues, because Social Security and Worker's Compensation were deciding who was going to pay my husband, meanwhile we lived on my disability of $899.40. We had an over $600 mortgage, a $345 car payment and utilities to pay. We were able to get Keep your Home California to help us with our home, but due to late and partial payments our car was repossessed.
My Doctor recommended we go on the Medical Baseline program, so our electricity would not be turned off. Unfortunately, our electricity was still in my deceased mother-in-law’s name, even though we changed the name in 2009 when she died, yet we would get bills in my name, my husband's name and my deceased mother-in-law’s name. I was told by SCE to change my email for our account and pay a $225 deposit for a new account. This was not a new account and I tried to explain to SCE, that we paid the deposit in 1997 and it was always just one account.
They would not listen and turned off our electricity for five days due to the payment needed for the deposit. I paid off our old account and even took a screenshot, yet they said we owed $1700. Every day we worry our electricity will be turned off and I do not understand why it is so much money. We were able to get $1,000 help towards our bill, but we still owe over $600 and I make large payments of $260, which then caused me to get in debt with payday loans near $3,000.
The only help we get for food is $16 a month for only my husband. He finally started to get a check from Social Security and first it was $951, then it went up to $1,180. They gave him Medical, but the closest Doctor is an hour and a half away. We can only go to Kern County, CA even though we are a mile from LA County.
My husband cannot sit in a car for more than 10 minutes and either can I, plus he has seizures, vomits blood, falls down etc. I was able to get a loan for a car, but even that is $297 a month and I cannot drive at night and barely during the day, because I have Cornea Erosion and we are both in desperate need of glasses. The last time my husband saw a Doctor was a year ago last December when we had to wait 4 months for a STAT MRI, plus we paid out of pocket for his Neurosurgeon appointment.
We have both worked since we were 16 years old, yet the only help we got was a recommendation from Deptartment of Aging and Disabilities to get a Divorce, so we could get help. I am sick physically and have some mental issues, OCD, depression etc.
I am trying to make this short, but so much has happened. I am overwhelmed and depended on my husband for everything before he got sick. We owe all these bills, we have no family to help and we are both very isolated. I do not want to live anymore, because I feel as if I am trapped in a hole that I cannot get out of, plus if I was dead, then maybe my husband could get help. My house is a mess and I do not know where to start. I feel as if I am losing my mind, because I keep on getting deeper in debt, even though I have to pay the bills, but I just cannot catch-up. Please, I do not know who to call or how to get help. Please, I am begging, is there anyone who can help me with getting my finances back on track and help for my husband?
Now Social Security wants to take out $128 for Part B and I do not understand why. I called Medical and Social Security, but they just do not care to explain anything. Our financial problems starting December 21st will get worse, because I have all these payday loans coming out then, and we just got the notice about the $128 coming out less than a week ago.

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Re: Neurosurgeon was needed, now have bills

Post by RonnieSmith » Tue Oct 29, 2019 9:21 am

I am under extreme stress at this time. I received a hospital bill from Neurosurgeon of $1000 and an electric bill in the amount of $222.92 which is due by 12/16/19. I am unable to pay it. Currently, I am under the doctor's care and have been taken off work indefinitely or until I see a neurosurgeon. Being on a fixed income, I need assistance to pay this bill so that my credit will not be interrupted. I cannot pay other bills either that are coming due soon due to Neurosurgeon. I do not think I will be able to pay any of them on time. I’m almost certain that I will unable able to pay my rent for the next month.

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