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Government aid to pay for in home care

Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:04 am
by Trader
I'm a caregiver and am work for In-Home Supportive Services. My mother has multiple health issues including both physical and mental. She used to receive section 8 prior to moving to having to relocate Los Angeles, we tried to have her voucher transferred and where told we couldn't this was in 2006. We have been on the waiting list since 2007. We are a low income family that has medical issues, and as I said my mother is disabled so she needs care in her home while we wait on the voucher. We need rental assistance help too.

Re: Government aid to pay for in home care

Posted: Sat Apr 08, 2017 10:51 am
by Flava
I recently moved to NC from SC due to having to short sale home because of financial hardship. I am single, 60 years and lost all of savings trying to keep home. I am seeking in home care for my new apartment.
I had to leave my job there in March 2013 and move in with my son and his family in NC.
I applied for unemployment benefits was denied because I quit but I had no choice due to losing home.
I have now been approved for an apartment in a Senior Housing Community in Lincolnton, NC.
Rent is 495.00 a month plus I am trying to keep medical insurance which is 345.00 a month.
I need help while I live there, and hopefully a health aid can offer the care in the home that I need!!! I am currently trying to find employment. Have never been in this situation before and I feel HELPLESS.
I have applied for food stamps, but said it would take 30 days before I know.
Can you PLEASE supply me with agencies that could help me?
Thank you.