Heart bypass

Help with paying medical bills
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Heart bypass

Postby Lackey » Sat Jun 30, 2018 9:18 am

Please can your agency or someone please help us please. I recently moved here to Monett Missouri, I had open heart surgery quadruple bypass, I now have congestive heart failure an am always so sick and have terrible bills :(
I'm only 51 years old, I moved in with my significant other, who had a very, very good job but I had gotten so very sick, she had to come home early an take me to the doctor, and she was fired from her job, she never ever missed a day of work in 12 years. This is a very long story short, (I hope) anyway we have no food, we can't pay our utility bills or our mortgage, or the car payment at this time. We never ever expected her to get fired.
She explained to her boss and he said yes OK not a problem. Her boss is and was very aware of my heart bypass condition, my significant other had come to Florida to bring me here, where its piece and quite, where I lived in Florida everyone was constantly either stealing from me or begging me for money. When I had the massive heart attack I was 100% blocked.
I honestly truly had no idea that I was having a heart attack (scary). Anyway after 21 days in the hospital 10 days I was in a medically induced coma, when I came home from the hospital I needed a lot of help. I'm cut from my collar bone to my belly button, an it's extremely painful, people that said they were my friends would only help me, if I gave them money.. :( :(
Anyway very long story short is my significant other came to Florida and brought me back here to live out my life in comfort and piece, in which isn't going that way at all. I'm not supposed to have any stress for my heart Bypass surgery. I'm supposed to be on a very strict diet for my heart.. it's just not happening :( my significant other goes put every day to look for work, she just can't find a job, please, please can you please help me (us).
As I said my significant other did have a very good job the bills where always paid on time, we had food to eat.. But now we have hit one of the lowest points in our lives. And we are trying so very hard, my heart disease results in death, there is no cure, an I'm unable to work any longer. We both don't have any family.
My father when he was alive, would always say to me Patricia it's a big cruel lonely world out there. My father was so right, I lost my entire family a couple of years ago. Can you or someone from your organization please call me please? It's just the two of us we need help so very, very bad, if we ever an I know we will get back on our feet one day, I promise you that I will pass it forward 100 times fold.. Please help us.
I have never ever asked anyone for help but we honestly truly need help. No one likes to go to bed hungry and a lot of us do :( :( all I do is cry all day, I cry myself to sleep. Please can you please help us with our utility bills and food, and just maybe help with the mortgage and car payment. Whatever you may help us with, we will be so, so grateful to you and your entire staff. Thank you for taking the time to read this. GOD BLESS

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