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Medications and bills for disabled family

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:17 am
by C Boyd
My entire family has Myatonic Dystrophy except me. I have Multiple Sclerosis. There are 4 handicapped people. Myself, my oldest child, my middle female daughter & I have been taking care of my ex husband who is dying from Myatonic Dystrophy with absolutely no financial assistance from him of any kind. I own my own home. Paying mortgage payments of ova 900.00 $ a month. We have all of our treatment bills and medications to pay for to. Myself & children receive SSI each month which after paying living costs leaves us with no extra cash. My house a single family dwelling has NO INSULATION and faulty windows & doors that allow snow to blow in. We desperately need new windows & insulation and prescriptions. Can you provide us with free assistance please.

Re: Medications and bills for disabled family

Posted: Wed May 10, 2017 12:07 pm
by Jackpot
Dear Sirs, I need help badly making money to stay at home and pay for my medications for my disability. They are not expensive but I just do not have the money to keep paying for them. I want information on how to make money from home as I am totally disabled and cannot work. I can though type really good and can type proficiently enough to type decent articles and blogs to make money to pay for the prescription medications. I would welcome any help you can offer me and will work night and day to make all I can. Thank You for your help.

Re: Medications and bills for disabled family

Posted: Wed Jul 03, 2019 9:05 am
by Mnadi
Hello, I said read them from this grand hear that it says that it off as disabled people the opportunity for their bills to be paid, be that medical bills which I have 7 specialist taken care of me. My health is very poor. I need medications and health care, but bill are too high. I am a 57 year old male and I suffered from Floyd curable diseases and it affected my teeth very badly.
I've been told by a free clinic that gave me a free assessment they did nothing else but put a couple teeth and that was all this and I could not help me no more but they told me I needed aggressive dental treatment across the board from cleaning teeth fillings, root canals, the partial bridges and or full dentures. Hopefully I've tried and I've tried to my local politicians where they're dead ends. I got nothing I could find out more information like I did today; just goggling stuff unfortunately some of these documents if you would have to be in a tourney to understand where is the phone number and who do I speak to me.
I could be there for weeks reading that stuff and if I was dead or healthy I wouldn't be in bed but I cannot read long. I get migraines. I cannot understand legal mumbo jumbo. All I know is what I can tell you what I need to get these medical bills paid for my family. I did get no phone numbers to call, nobody to speak with that I can do. I was told that I need aggressive dental treatment for my disability and if I don't get it soon I will lose all my teeth.
Someone will have to pull them out and I don't want to lose my teeth. If I don't have to I think it's sad in this day of age in the United States I was raised and born here in northern New Jersey, Essex County to not be able to receive proper dental treatment that my teeth would be healthy and or at least have a partial plate so that I would have a full set of teeth in my mouth one or other artificial. At this point I don't care. My medical conditions are very serious but I don't need the additional stress of having to deal with the dental issues on top of it so I'm hoping that you can help me.