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How can I pay medical bills if uninsured

Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:49 am
by Brokaw
I was referred to this program by a friend. My friend had no insurance, and I'm having to pay for her medical expenses out of pocket. The services that you offer is there anyway that my mother would advantage from them. I hope to you from
you soon thanks in advance.

Re: How can I pay medical bills if uninsured

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2014 7:55 pm
by Withoutyou
Dear Sir or Madam;
I am 26 years old, currently living in Houston (Southwest) Texas. My family and I immigrated from China since 2012, my parents both don’t speak English. I can speak English but not very well lately. I went to emergency room, however I don’t have insurance. I mean I did I apply for gold card, my family is very poor, my dad is the only one working at my house, my mom don’t have any skill, and she only speak Chinese.
It was very hard for her look for a job, she is unemployed more than 6 month. She lost her job again and is now uninsured. I am a full time student, it was just happened. I went to the hospital without insurance. Before I went into hospital, I did ask those staff work there, will they accept my gold card. But they said they don’t know, they said I should ask someone work inside, then I asked the nurse, however he told me he don’t know either. Then he started take me do the test, after I figured how much is going to cost for my blood test. I said I don’t want to continue, because I don’t have money. I can’t afford it, but they said I must, because I drank the liquid for CT scan. After I done all kind of test, I got my bill these days, which is my family can’t afford it. I am looking for some help, I know this is organization helping people whoever need help. I hope someone can help me out with this, or maybe you can tell me what kind of organization I can apply for. Or do you know anyone about this kind of information might be help me. I will appreciate your help, thank you.