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Disputing my medical bill

Posted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 8:08 pm
by Matt Lehman
Employee Benefits Division Appeals & Howard Memorial Hospital. My daughter Mary suffered a seizure. My husband and I took her to Howard Memorial Hospital in Nashville for care. She received excellent treatment, and the facilities were first rate. Upon leaving the hospital, we were given a written prescription for Diazepam, a seizure-relieving drug. After going to a follow up appointment at Children’s Hospital in Knoxville Tennessee, we were informed this drug should only be used in the case of an extreme seizure that lasts longer than five minutes. We intended to fill the written prescription for Diazepam at our local pharmacy. However, as we were leaving the hospital, we were stopped by a nurse who brought us an un-packaged single dose of Diazepam. It was in a Ziploc bag with instructions for administration included. We were told the dose of Diazepam was found on site and if
we would take that one, it would save us a trip to our pharmacy. I received a bill from the hospital for a total amount due, but there was no itemization. Before sending any payment, I requested an itemized billing statement of the charges. When I received the itemized statement, I learned that the single dose of Diazepam handed to me on our way out of the hospital was charged to us in the amount of $966.25. Our part of the total bill after insurance to Howard Memorial Hospital for everything done during our visit (CT scan, chest x-ray, blood work, etc.) was $1690. The prescribed medicine accounts for almost half of that amount, $775.When I realized the disproportionate fee charged for this drug, I called my local pharmacy. The price of this drug BEFORE insurance is around $300 for a package of two. I am being charged $800 for one dose after insurance! I also called my local Wal-Mart pharmacy, and they said their price before insurance for a package of two ranges anywhere from $250-$300! I was shocked by the markup in price by Howard Memorial Hospital. I believe the hospital pushed this drug on me. The doctor had written a prescription to be filled, and then at the last minute, the nurse ran in to give me a single dose of it in a plastic baggie. The nurse said they found one on site, and it would save me a trip to our local pharmacy to have it filled. I told them it was not a problem to have it filled, but now I see their reason for wanting to send it home with me. The hospital’s charge is nine times the amount it would have cost at my pharmacy EVEN IF I DID NOT HAVE INSURANCE! I feel this is a major discrepancy and have tried to talk with Howard Memorial Hospital about this charge. They will not discuss it with me and simply say, “The charge is correct.” I am not disputing that I owe for the medicine, but I do dispute its price. I could have just as easily gone to my pharmacy and paid $300 for two tubes of the medicine. This price was before any insurance discount! I need help with this matter and do not know where to turn. Can you be of any assistance? Do you have any advice you can offer? If there is anything you can do to help, we would deeply appreciate it. Thank you so much for your kind attention to this matter.

Re: Disputing my medical bill

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 9:29 am
by Michael W
Hey, you seem like your really involved in the charity world so I thought I would ask if you new any organization I could reach out too My mother was hit by a drunk driver ICU. We unfortunately live in Michigan and she lives and Arizona and like most disasters they happen at the worse time. We need all the help we can get to get to her and still be able to pay our bills. Her pelvis is broken and her spine slipped into her neck not to mention she has cancer of the liver which makes major injuries had to come back from. Fortunately they have the drunk driver in custody. Thank you if you know anything. We appreciate it all.

Re: Disputing my medical bill

Posted: Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:19 pm
by TimMac
I am requesting any and all info to get assistance with disputing my medical and hospital bill. We are a low income family and I haven't been able to catch up on bills since leaving my job for maternity leave, then being evicted from home with my kids to my company downsizing over half the employees because they had to sell part of it (financial problems) so no longer have a job and other life events...I just need a little help to catch up with delinquent medical bills and then once I’m not behind we will be fine...please send me any info you have on paying for entering into a dispute. Have already exhausted my once a year assistance with local charities...don’t know what else to do, but can’t have my boys and infant daughter with no electricity, home, health insurance or water. Thank you