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Avista bills

Posted: Sun Oct 25, 2020 10:00 pm
by Derrick
My avista is going to be shut off if I can't make a payment of at least half the balance of my past due amount by Tuesday. I am a recently single mom with three children and I am doing the best I can to get back on my feet.  It's been a year. 
The father of my children became addicted to opioids, so I had to make him leave back in February.  He then became addicted to heroin, lost his job, started stealing cars, and is now in jail. I know how that all sounds and I know how it looks but it wasn't always that way.  Prior to all of that we had a good life.  We made good money, had three beautiful children, he had a good job and we worked hard and never really struggled.
Life was really good, until it wasn't.  I have been trying really hard to make things work and I'm so close to being okay again. I have almost managed to get caught up and I have cut so many costs, but it has not been easy and it’s even harder when you start so far behind.  His addiction caused him to drain our accounts and take everything, so we went from making over $100k a year and now my 3 children and I survive on $45k a year and I know people survive on much less but it's an adjustment. Avista bill is a barrier right now.
My dad and his wife live with me to take care of my children, but they don’t work so $45k a year for 6 people is hard to pay Avista and other bills so any help or options would be appreciated. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from someone soon.