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WE Energy bills

Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 11:02 pm
by Alessia
Hello, good afternoon. I was referred to your organization by an energy assistance program that WE energies suggested, which could not help me. Current issue is I'm facing a disconnect notice. The reason for this is my new husband and I are renting an old, not well insulated farm house, that has an oil furnace. So, heat is expensive.
He, my husband, works lawn care, so winter is hard on us anyway. We tried electric heaters to cut down on heat oil from WE Energy, which was a horrible idea I found out later. He is just getting back to work now, after that spring snow we had delayed grass work . So, I'm very behind, and now I'm worried I'm out of time as we have that notice. I make too much for this other program, technically, but they don't factor in that I'm paying over $400 per month for my chapter 13, as I'm fixing problems I ran into in college with money. I'm almost finished with that as well. But there's taxes, insurance, etc.
I'm really hoping I can get some help with WE Energy bills. If I can get out of this hole, I know it’ll be better going forward, as I only have 6 months left of my bankruptcy case. Please let me know. I'm so sorry this is so long. Oh and we live in Mukwonago/ Vernon.
Thank you for your time