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My LIHEAP appointment in California

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 9:19 pm
by JoBruce
Hello, my purpose for contacting you is due to I had an appointment with HEAP in Lakewood CA on 07/20/19 for utility assistance. The case worker informed me that they were taking the pledge that day but needed my full gas bill that had all the activity. She had given me five days to fax it to her which I did on the 22nd of February.
I also made contact with her to inform her that I did fax it to her and I left several messages. It wasn't until March that I heard from her she told me that she didn't get my gas bill because their fax machine was broken then she asked me to mail it to her which I did 07/30/19. I attempted to reach her to find out if she had received my letter of course no response again. I tried reaching her for several days it wasn't until April when I caught up to her on the 9th she told me I couldn't come in until that Wednesday in which the courtesy pledge was cancelled and my gas was also in shut off due to waiting on her to respond.
She told me I could drop the forms back off to her at the Lakewood office in which I did as I approached the building she was leaving out. I asked if she had a second. She was very rude and walked out of the door. I took the forms to the reception and asked for her supervisor.
I spoke to her she told me she was going to get back to me I waited for her no call back. I finally caught up to her on April 11 or 12 and she informed me they were only going to pay one bill though on the original appointment she said they were assisting with both bills.
Of course I again spoke to Sylvia informing her that she told me that the pledge was still cancelled and that I would need to choose which bill I wanted paid though I need them both paid. I went from there to speaking back to Sylvia. She's telling me she had mailed the forms back to me which was incorrect and it was basically blamed on me because of Tanisha failed to communicate with me leaving me with 2 shut off notices.
I attempted to resolve the matter by deciding to choose my heating bill which was in June 2019.
I spoke to Sylvia supervisor and she became offended because I spoke up about my utilities being subject to shut off. She was defending Tanisha error and negligence to inform me earlier on that you were only going to assist with 1 bill so misinformation was passed to me. Now I'm still waiting for my gas bill to be paid.
I'm still getting disconnect notices for both bills. Today was the last day to pay my SCE bill. The lowest amount they will accept is $300. I don't have, I'm asking is there any way that you can assist with it as an Emergency after threw my services can be terminated leaving my family and I without electricity. Our food will spoiled and have to be thrown out and we barely making it, it isn't fair that we have to suffer due to a person unprofessional conduct. Can you please assist me ASAP.