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LIHEAP for gas account bills

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:54 pm
by JennyMay12
I applied thru LIheap yesterday at the Romanian Community Center on Irving Park Rd in Chicago Illinois yesterday. My gas is turned off, I am unemployed, and brought in my electric bill, gas bill, letter of income assistance, and social security card. I have never applied for help ever in my life, and the assistant director put everything into her computer.
I was late to an appointment so after she gave me copy of printout I left in a hurry. After reading the information I saw that she had my Date of birth incorrect, my rent amount was $550, she put $950, and she put that my gas was connected, and my gas is disconnected. I feel she tried to sabotage my getting the help I need by entering wrong information! They were closed when I went back to the center yesterday evening.
Because of this wrong info, especially date of birth, and income/ rent amount, not sure if they will help me with my gas bill. Please email other programs to me. I have all info and documents necessary for help, and have never applied for help in my life.