Need serious help with power bill!!!

Help with paying utility and heating bills assistance
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Need serious help with power bill!!!

Post by bsdnjap » Tue Oct 13, 2009 3:55 pm

I'm a nurse by trade. At 44, I had to have open heart surgery last year. My job politely terminated me when it was time for me to return to work. The job market here in Alabama is very slim for someone that's had heart surgery and suffers from fibromyalgia. My husband just got out of the hospital, to find out that he has mitral valve regurgitation. He is also unable to hold down a regular job. We are raising 3 grandchildren, with the oldest one being six. The only income that I have coming in is from my unemployment. My power bill is now $900.00 and due to be cut off any day now. The united way person here in our small town and one church helped some by giving me a small amount last month to help with my power bill. They tell me that it will be month's before they can help me again. The project share here tells me that it will be January or February before they will have any funding to help. It is hard enough to have to ask anyone for help, now to be told there isn't any. What is anyone to do. We have never been in this type of financial strain before in our lives. I don't know where to turn next. All the other churches that I've called refers me to someone else.

If anyone out there knows of something that I have not tried, please respond back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for listening, even if your unable to help!!

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