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Education reimbursement loan

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 2:32 pm
by Daisy Marie
I cannot seem to find help for my circumstances and am in need of assistance.In a soundbite:
I raise 2 of my young Grandson's. Ages 9 and 7 respectively. I need help paying for their education and a loan would be great.
They assaulted in the park where we used to live. The offender was a juvenile teenager. He was convicted and sentenced. The landlady decided to let him come back there to live, right next door to the victims. The DA of Crawford county PA mentioned education reimbursement loan that was available to me, so we could flee that park. We did. We located to a camp ground 2  hours away until we could find a place for my trailer. It took every penny I had. I found a lot for my trailer in Conneaut Lake PA. However, I have to pay my previous electric bill in order to get service here. NO ONE will pay the 300 on my old bill so I can get connected here. They keep stating that they can ONLY help to get it turned on at the previous location that it was disconnected from.I have never received child support and am still waiting for disability.  I don't even own a car.
I NEED help with this 300 dollar utility bill as well as an Education reimbursement loan, so I can get my power on at this new address. The Good Samaritan will pay my connection fee, however cannot do so until the bill is paid.Northwestern REC is my electric company: Please help.