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Loan under $1000 is all needed

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 4:42 pm
by Willie
I need a loan under $1000, and I need 760.00. I can’t come up with the rent because manager filed a eviction notice and if I pay it he will not the eviction notice but I still have to come up with next month which is 500.23. Can you help with both this small dollar loan? If he don't get his money he will file a lean on the house and take it and resale it for what I owe and that leaves me homeless with my kids. One child has autism. I can't get anyone else or a lender, even though need less than a grand, to help me with rent. I need a home for my kids. I don’t have any money to get my kids Christmas gifts either I’m so broke. So can you please help me with $1000?