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Federal government lending money

Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:29 am
by Ptbull11
I was told that there is a way that I can apply for federal loan or
grant to pay for cost of living or essentials. Due to what I have been
going through I have not paid my car insurance nor car payment. I
cannot refinance because my credit is terrible. I am a single mother.
Also, prior to this happening to me I was fixing up my home and I
pulled out the carpet because I had a sink that was not working. I do
not have any carpet in my home and I have minor children. I am only
receiving 50% now on long term disability thru work. It is not enough
to pay what my payment were.
I do not expect to be this way to long
but I can remain this way up to 2 years based on what my physician is
telling me. I need cash assistance or at least a loan up to $15,000.00. I
do not mind paying it back but if there is a way that I can get no
interest or very low payments and low interest to give me time to pay
I need to put carpet in my home and I need my windows to be
fixed. My inspection has expired on my vehicle. I need to be able to
buy warm clothing for my children now that the winter has set in here
in North Texas. If there is a way to apply for a cash loan/grant. Can
you please assist me?

Re: Federal government lending money

Posted: Sat Dec 17, 2016 10:12 am
by Today
To whom it may concern
How are you doing today? Good I hope. I'm OK. I have a few questions to ask you regarding government loans. (1) I went to Wichita Area Technical College National Center for Aviation Training. I was enrolled in the Aviation Maintenance Technology course. I started in January 5, 2016 & finished up on April 21, 2016. I had to borrow money in the form of student loans. At the present time, my loans are $12,937.16. At the present time, I am not employed & I can't find a job anywhere, but I'm trying to look for a job. What federal government agency or agencies can I go to pay these loans off for me in full?
I don't want to be in a position in anyway or form to where it would mess up my credit or where it would really mess up my life. (2) Does the Federal Government have a program available to where it forgive student loans & to where it wouldn't mess things up for me? The name of these student loans are Stafford Unsubsidized $8,250.00 (2 loans), Stafford Subsidized $4,500.00 (2 loans), plus accrued interest is $187.16. Thank You for your time, help, & information. I appreciate it very much. If you have any additional information for me, I would appreciate that also.

Re: Federal government lending money

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 11:37 am
by Lumineers1
Hi! I'm in need of help with security deposit and 1st month rent. I heard their are federal loans for this. I am currently living with family but I have a family of 3 of my own. We are only allowed to stay here for a couple more months. I am currently working but I'm getting paid minimum wage and a couple hours of work ain't enough to pay $800 for a 1 bedroom home or to keep up with a bank loan. My boyfriend is not working he has trouble finding a job. If there's any way I can be assisted? Thank you!