Can someone direct me to someone who can help save my home?

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Re: Can someone direct me to someone who can help save my ho

Post by Admin » Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:43 am

Freddie Mac has a Borrower Help Network in place that homeowners can turn to. They partner with a large number of housing counseling agencies, non-profits, and other foreclosure and credit counseling agencies. Get more information on the Freddie Mac Borrower Network. I think try this agency for help and the ntwork.

Also, if that still doesn't work, try getting free foreclosure prevention for a nation credit counseling agency, such as GreenPath Debt Solutions, or consumer credit counseling. These all provide services for free or reduced costs, and they help thousands of homeowners every year. I would think there are options in your county in Iowa. Here is free foreclosure counseling housing counseling agencies and non-profits. Another big nation group is Money Management International.

wanttosavemyhome wrote:I live in Dubuque County Dubuque, Iowa USA Every place I call I get sorry but ......
All I want to do is save my home Freddy Mac wont help with a re-modification of the loan we were forced to move out before getting thrown out and the home has suffered for it.
We are now trying to buy under a rent to own through the home owner but fall short 5,000.00 for the down payment people today just want their money and don't want to work with people anymore.
Our local agencies wont help because it's not a bank involved the banks wont get involved because of losing our first home so where does a person turn?
I hurt my back 3 years ago and have been unable to work due to it, my husband has had 2 heart surgeries in 1 year but continues to work to try to save us so we are not lazy people looking for a free ride but rather honest hard working people trying to make a bad situation better.
Any advice would be appreciated thank you.

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