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USDA grant for HVAC

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 2:28 pm
by Hellen
In February my HVAC system died. I used a home line of credit to replace it in February. In February I also applied to USDA for a grant for replacement. Didn't hear anything until August 2. Got a phone call asking me for a few updated documents which I sent immediately and was told I was approved for the grant. Late August I received another phone call telling me I would not be getting the grant because the work had already been done. Confusing since I had to have it done and couldn't wait to get it done. I also needed the system throughout the summer. There was no way I could wait 6 months for the USDA HVAC grant.
Do you know any agencies that I might apply for reimbursement of the cost of the system? I'm 68, live alone on my SS income. I would very much appreciate any advice. I don't have the income to repay this credit line. Thank you.