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Immigrant scholarship

Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:26 pm
by Jasmine12
Good morning,
I live in the state of AZ and the reason I'm reaching out for help is because I'm trying to help someone else. An immigrant teen from Venezuela was given a scholarship to come to the US to play basketball and go to high school here. The scholarship does not cover all, his parents have to pay $3000 which were broken down in monthly payments of $250.00.
The first payment was due on August 2017, a Venezuelan Organization offered to pay using a grant, but unfortunately when the time came for them to help them pay, the Organization told the parents that they were not able to and the scholarship was not enough. So now this student has fallen behind on his monthly payments and the Prep Academy in which he stays can no longer have him stay. I am seeking help to pay for the months that he has been behind. If there is anything that you would be able to help me or guide me to a direction where I can get help I really appreciate it. I'm doing all I can to help this immigrant family, and it would be so sad to have him return home with a broken dream.

Re: Immigrant scholarship

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 12:24 pm
by LewisSa1
I'm a single immigrant mother to a 20 year old daughter seeking a grant. She is currently enrolled as a full time student at the New York Conservatory for Deamatic Arts. She is an immigrant too and won a partial scholarship and I took a loan or the rest of the tuition. Recently I had to resign from my job due to getting quite ill for an extended period of time. I'm currently searching for a new position but finances have become extremely tight. I'm having a hard time just paying my rent and other than the scholarship grant, I have no idea how I will provide Hanna’s living expenses when she returns to school until I have secured a new job. Is there any temporary help for me please? Thank you so much.

Re: Immigrant scholarship

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2020 9:23 pm
by WalinAtkisson
Hello, my family and I are in danger of losing our scholarship as immigrants. It is my wife, myself and 4 boys. We received a notice that our college payment was returned for NSF and they want the payment and past/present fees paid to prevent lose of scholarship. We have been attempting to get caught up from a financial down fall for a few months and just have not been able to dig ourselves out. Is there any way we could get assistance with our scholarship and college bills? We were told of this service by our church after we asked them for help as immigrants. Could you please get back to be as soon as possible?