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Miracle to help us with bills

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:31 pm
by Maldanado
My toddler, finance and I just moved here to Gaston at the end of July. My daughter is 3 and my fiancé and I have been together almost 3 years. Her real father has never been around so she called him Daddy and he took care of her like a father would. He had trouble finding a job over here and eventually we got behind on our rent and lights, so a grant to help us would be great. He left us here with all of the bills and moved back in with his mother. It broke my heart to see my daughter begging him to stay, but he couldn't handle all of the stress.
My parents are our landlord so they're lenient on rent. I've also been struggling to find work since I've been here but I have applied for FI and I'm supposed to start the jump program this week to find a job. Our light bill altogether is 467.91 but we have until tomorrow at 5 to pay last months which is 145$. I've been trying to sell things we don't use or need out of my home and even attempted to sell at the flea market but still haven't met the total of 145$. I've called different churches in my area to ask for a miracle and to also apply for grants and I've been rejected and I've given plasma and they only paid me 20$ when I'm supposed to get 50. I don't know what else to do and I really need a miracle. I can't let my daughter down. Please help if possible!

Re: Miracle to help us with bills

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 4:05 am
by Babe

Re: Miracle to help us with bills

Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 3:20 pm
by Salina Smith
In need of a miracle in the form of Bill pay assistance and Christmas assistance For 3 children ages 15 boy, 12 girl and 7 boy. I had money saved up to get through holidays and had bought them 3 big gifts. They had asked for the oldest wanted a new phone that cost $450, the girl wanted a laptop, and camcorder with all accessories and a new phone around $130. The youngest boy wanted a razor electric dirt bike, a smart watch to count steps and a phone with minutes and internet for music, I had money for fall property taxes almost $700, and blank money orders for our satellite, Wi-Fi for kids homework, electric, water, sewage, and auto insurance and down payment
I need $2500 for a vehicle suitable to deliver mail for my new job at the USPS in my car in my purse when someone broke here lock on my car, disabled alarm and stole everything. They took all the gifts for kids Christmas, and my purse containing all the money orders for bills and all my cash, id, bankcard, checkbook social security card for me and kids, and shot records everything important and desperately needed.
I had to resign from new post office job I fought a year to get. We are behind in all bills and have nothing to give our kids for Christmas especially the only things they asked for and wanted. How can you explain to the youngest why Santa didn't bring him what he wanted or anything for that matter. My husband works a full time job at $13.71 an hour and I start AA new job the beginning of the year but every cent he makes has to go for bills. Where can I find help since some cold hearted selfish person robbed my kids of pure joy on Christmas morning and has caused me to lose the greatest job I ever wanted and finally had that paid enough to let us get by less stressed all the time and actually be able to take the kids on a small vacation and me finally at the age of 35 see the ocean. This person stole not only money and Christmas but dreams also. Is there any help in the form of a miracle out there for a married couple who has done everything in their power right since getting together 5 years ago and working as a team for success, who had it all ripped away by someone too lazy to work and is completely heartless and cold to the core steal it from you?