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Hand out as a grant for us

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:18 pm
by Grantpark
I run across this website in search of help, my husband and I are 23, and housing my grandmother in our home. She can help with grocery money but that's about it.
Our bills have gone up and we don't make enough money to pay them and I'm afraid that if we don't do something fast, we could slowly lose everything. My grandma needs my help, she can't live on her own anymore but its taking all that we have.
I make $9.75 an hour but can't seem to get any more than 20 hours a week. And I have to travel out of town for work. My husband has a fulltime job, and makes only $8.50.
It’s not enough.
If there is a way we can get a grant to put us a little ahead so we can get our heads back above water and stop struggling so bad that would be so appreciated. I see all these people around us doing so well and we are trying our best and seem to not get anywhere.
We are newly married and trying to make a living. We don't have any children. We always seem to have car problems. And both my family and my husbands are all tight on money as well so no one can help us. Except to maybe give us a bag of food here and there to help us keep proper nutrition which is hard sometimes when you have a limited supply.
If you can't help us get a grant or (I hate to say) some kind of "hand out" for lack of better words, I wouldn't be able to thank you enough. We are good people and are always trying to help everyone else when we can but seem to get the short end of the stick in return. Probably should learn our lesson but it’s in our nature and we can't help it. We both had bad childhoods. I've never been well off. I was raised a penny pincher, which isn't a bad thing to know, you save a lot of money like that. But all of our money goes to the endless avalanche of bills and there is no breathing room. I'm afraid if we don't do something fast my grandma might try to find somewhere else to go, thinking we can't handle her being there. We can, we just need a boost. I'm not asking for a million dollars. Though it would be nice, and maybe throw in some sanity. (Ha-ha) but even an extra fulltime pay check would be so much extra of a boost. You don't even know.
Thanks. Sorry for any inconvenience. And thank you for taking the time to hear me complain. (Ha-ha) hope you can help.
Thank you so much again.
Have a nice day. Hope to hear back from someone.

Re: Hand out as a grant for us

Posted: Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:58 pm
by Farrel Givens
In 2005 I was hurt in a work place accident. As a result I was disabled and living off grants. I still managed to raise my 2 children now 18 and 20. My oldest my son finished Tech school and is now out on his own and doing fine. My Daughter is now 18 and starting at Culver Stockton next month for her 4 year degree. I am very proud of them both and am happy to know they will be good adults with their heads screwed on straight.
Now while this sounds like a success story it is not. With both kids now over 18 my SSD has been cut to just $800 a month. With me being unable to work because of my disability I am looking at becoming homeless soon. I write to you or to whoever the staffer is that reads this for help. I am not asking for a hand out but a hand up. I think I can still do some good in the world I just need a chance. I am in Macon Missouri 63552. I am reaching out to everyone and anyone I can think of for help I have even started a gofundme to try to raise some money to get started, but even that is more like a hand out. If there is anything you or your office can do it would be wonderful. If you can point me to a certain agency to contact for assistance or fund me directly LOL. I would forever be in your debt and it would mean the world to me.

Re: Hand out as a grant for us

Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 6:53 pm
by Greenwich
Greetings and Hello,
Sorry to bother you, but I turned to your site in desperate need of help for a hand out. I'm in an abusive situation, limited to Section 8, and living on SSD/SSI. So, few options to move out of a volatile situation. Your Stockton Rent Assistance page has a lot of incorrect information, and I wanted to let you guys know so you can update it. I'm guessing that anyone using your site is as desperate for help as I am, and I figure this will make it easier for everyone.
New Directions - Drug Rehab Center. No rental help.
St. Vincent de Paul - Food Pantry/Clothing Closet. No rental help.
Catholic Charities - Wrong phone number. The one you have listed is for their Immigration office. The main switchboard is (209) 444 - 5900.
I hope this helps! And thank you for the attempt to help me. Even if it is unsuccessful and I cannot find anything to get the grant for a hand out, I really do appreciate the time and effort you put into your website. If you know of anyone hiring for any kind of .... anything, please let me know. I have a back injury and mobility issues, but at this point, I'm out of options so I'll make it work. I have one week to magically put together a deposit and first month's rent that exceed my SSD. Thankfully this is a onetime issue.