Home Improvement/Repair Grants

Find grants and post ways to get grants to help others pay debts, bills, loans, and free money.
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Re: Home Improvement/Repair Grants

Post by Irene » Sun May 06, 2018 8:38 am

Hello, I have been reading up on your Organization and proud the people from my home State will help each other. I am from Washington County and live in NC by way of the US Marines, Retired now. I have a sister in Greenville that is 60 years of age, she doesn't work due to disability, is there assistance or grants she can receive on home repairs? Thanks and enjoy your day.

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Re: Home Improvement/Repair Grants

Post by TereseMac » Tue Jul 09, 2019 2:33 pm

I am on disability and I get 750.00 a month. I draw a little more but Medicare and an old student loan are taken out. I think it is 920.00 before everything is taken out. I live by myself and this is my only income. I am buying a house in Woodrow SC and it need some work and i need a grant. My air/heat unit is broken and needs repairs. I have used window unit and electric heaters. My bills last winter for electric got up to 300.00 a month. For only drawing 750.00 that was hard. I have old windows and you can feel cold air coming thru them last winter my bill got that high and I had closed off house except 1 room. Please help me.

The timing
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Re: Home Improvement/Repair Grants

Post by The timing » Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:02 pm

I came across your site and seen about personal grants for helping
repair homes, etc.
I can't figure out where to apply or what I need to do, I think I fit
the criteria, not sure.
We are a low income home,we are purchasing a home on land contract
been here for almost 2 years and it needed a lot of work, we do what we
can but we recently had water leak and a lot things need repaired
soon, like the roof is really bad etc.. So wanted see if you can point
me in the direction of where to look I can't find a application to
Also we had our water disconnected and no places here around us will
help with water, you know of any places that will? Our water bill got
high because we had a water leak under house we had repair and didn't
know it and the pool. our bill is $201.60.
We are in Ross County Ohio.
thank you in advance for any information on home repair grants.

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