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Damage from tree

Posted: Tue Feb 09, 2021 2:58 pm
by Newday
I live at Maple Street Tupelo, Ms. Last week a tree fell and landed on my front porch and front yard I got some friends to cut up tree but I do not have the money to replace the porch. My house is a historic house Elvis Presley lived here when his dad was in Prison. I was hoping for help in repairing my front porch. I'm single 57 and been trying to get my disability for years. I barely make it with help from my kids by keeping their kids every now and then for light and gas bill. My house is paid for and my grandparents owned it since 69 and I inherited when they died. I love my house and MY neighborhood but the tree did a lot of damage. Tourist and local people come by all-time taking pictures. I would deeply appreciate if you could help with fixing it Thank you Lisa Lee.