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File visitation for my kid

Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2021 4:11 pm
by Lorde
I need help with the money to file for visitation with my daughter.
I know you may not see that as an emergency but I promise you it is her mother has not let me see or talk to her in 4 years.
I have struggled with drug addiction witch I am clean now but I love my daughter very much and was getting things together to go to court so I could see her when I broke my leg and had to have surgery and have had to spend the last 4 months in bed with my leg up unable to work.
Child support has takin me to court to pay a lump sum on my back child support which is 15000.00 dollars. On top of taking my licenses so even when I am able to work again I have no way to get there to visit my kid.
The point I am making is I love my daughter she is the only reason I keep going and haven't gave up but I am so far in a hole I can't even get a 100$ to file for visitation so I am able to see and talk to her again. I am afraid that I am going to not be able to take much more and go back to using. Or worse I have had it hard all my life and have always done what I could to be a good person and help others and I just could really use a little help once. Thank you for your time from a single father who is having his child kept from him out of hate.