Scam for housing needs was being run

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Scam for housing needs was being run

Post by ashley1 » Wed Dec 09, 2020 10:34 pm

To whom it may concern. I am contacting you in hope that you would be able to respond with a solution or information that would help my family. 7 months ago my family and I moved out of our home located in Rowlett. We met a woman by the name of Deborah, she said she was the director of the Texas United housing program. She is a very charming woman who filled my family with false hope. We took up her offer to reside at one of the many facilities she ran located at 4204 Tioga in Dallas.
We would be the only ones residing there, under the condition that we run the facility for her. I was required to have the facility ready for services. As well as Book special events on the days the churches did not have services. The facility was home to four churches who had services twice a week. I was also in charge of grounds and maintenance.
It wasn't long before she had me working at four of her facilities for the housing. Two in Oak cliff One in West Dallas another in Greenville. After 2 months it became overwhelming and I told her that I would have to leave. She advised me that her program was building 13 new homes for disadvantage families.
She assured me that if I continue to work for her that one of the and run the homes, she (community hours) would be building would be purchased by my family. So I continued to work for her. Soon after I had become so over worked, that I lost my night job at Fujitzu. She assured me that I had nothing to worry about that she had put hundreds of families in their own homes, over that last 20 years and that I would soon be one of them.
The thought of my family finally having a home of their own was all I needed to keep on going. I was excited and proud, sometimes that can make a person take on the impossible. I have 6 children whom still live with me and a 4 month old grandson with a medical condition. His condition requires that he have an electric feeding machine available to him at any given time.
Debra is a very intelligent woman. She in hindsight is good at running scams. She is well off and had pictures and old newspaper articles of so many families she helped buy their own homes hanging on the walls of all her facility’s. So I never considered the fact that she had a troublesome past that focused on greed and hurt many people from her housing scam promises. On or about April 13th around 11pm. I received a phone call from Ms Kroupa explaining that I needed to pack everything up by the morning. I asked her why we were being kicked out. She explained that I was not, that I needed to pack up everything in the building.
The next morning the constables where there. They threw out all our belongings along with Ms Kroupas on the curb. Ms. Kroupa never showed up.
It was Good Friday and my kids where off of school. We sat there watching as people stolid everything from fridge and stoves to couches and toilet paper. Even our groceries that we did not remember to set aside.
She then called me and told me not to worry that she would be opening a new facility in West Dallas in a few weeks and that we would be living there. I didn't want to lose out on the hundreds of community hours I had put in words our own home, nor did I have anywhere else to go. She moved us to a shutdown Facility located at 6539 treetop ln in Dallas.
There was no electricity, no running water, and the front windows are boarded up. I had just witnessed her take a $ nine thousand dollar deposit from a women named Yolonda whom expects to open a daycare at treetop next month. So I believed her when she said the utilities would be on in 3 days. Plus my kids would be able to keep going to the same school, since it just a quarter mile away.
Then just a week later on April 20th, we were told that we had to pack up again. We began packing the 10,000 square foot Facility into a 26' U-Haul. 7 loads by ourselves. She explained that there where greedy people in the world and those who running housing scams that didn't like helping the poor, and tried interfering with her works. She said that we would be moving to a UHP facility located in Irving.
So we continued to sleep and pack up her belongings in the treetop Facility. She told us we would move our personal belongings last. That whole week I was contacted by the pastors who rented the Tioga Facility. With questions about what was going on. They were also deceived by Ms Kroupa. She me us at treetop at 7am, last Monday morning to load up the last of her things, including a $4000 piano, dishwasher and wall sockets. The constables where scheduled to arrive at 9am. And we were under the impression that we were loading our personals and moving them to Irving.

Yet when we were done loading the last truck with her belongings she sent me inside to get our things and a foose ball table she was giving to a neighbor. Soon after my kids ran to tell me Ms Debra had peeled out. I called her and she said that she had made arrangements with a local shelter for my family, I asked how I was supposed to move my belongings since she knew my vehicle was broken down. She told me we had 2 hours to figure it out before the constables would arrive.
I asked her about the $400 she promised for moving everything by ourselves. She explained she needed to hire day labors to unload her truck and that she could not pay them and us a well. Our SUV is still parked at treetop filled with our belongings. The shelter she claimed to have made arrangements with didn't know what I was talking about and does not have availability for a family of my size, and that shelter was also a scam she promised on the housing.
We have been staying at a motel. We only have enough money for 2 more days and my kids have had to miss school. This is no place for children. I've learned from the new owners of the facilities that Debra knew she had lost the facilities since October 2016. The whole time she was feeding us a lie while we worked for free and taxied her around on our dime. While she collected rents from pastors and deposit from business hoping to expand. She would insist that money orders from special event rentals, be left blank. Claiming she had a stamp with the company's logo. She insisted that money generated for the non-profit organization TX U.H.P.  Be deposited into private accounts. But according to Google she has a lengthy history of getting away with this scam in different counties. I don't have anywhere to take my family. Any advice would be appreciated, God bless.

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Re: Scam for housing needs was being run

Post by Admin » Fri Dec 11, 2020 3:27 pm

We do have information on a number of common scams and how to avoid them.
Your seems a little more in depth - but maybe you have some options as well.

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