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Website is circles

Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2020 12:04 pm
by Kornheiser
Hello and thank you for being so kind as to answer addition questions. I have been all over your site and unfortunately it keeps taking me in circles.
I know it’s simply because I live in such a small town that there are little to no resources here but there has to be someone that can help me right? I am a 43 year old disable woman who recently lost my p/t job. I’m also on disability.
The company I was working for got sold. I have been unemployed for about 3 months due to illness and my water bill sky rocketed to $4,000 due to a water leak. I am lucky to have two grown sons who helped me fix it and kept my water from being disconnected for 3  months but the bill kept fluctuating higher it became unmanageable and impossible for me or them to pay so at $4100 it was disconnected. They did whatever they possibly could to raise money and a month and I think almost a half later they came up with $2000 and talk to the company and very recently got my water turned back on. The company is a very small and privately owned since I live outside city limits. But they are the only one that provide service.
They are rude and there is no reasoning with them or questioning them they won’t have it. Its either pay them or get disconnected. They have had several employees indicted for embezzlement of hundreds of thousands of dollars anyways your help with water bill. Your circle page has all kinds of programs but no info on how to access them or if I can even qualify. My boys are going into debt tying to help me. But they have families. Please I’m desperate is there any programs anyone anything something that can help me please. I don’t know how blogs or forum. What it is you said you answer to forgive me please. I barely know how to use my Facebook. If it’s not too much to ask for a response back here on my email I know this cause its easy. Thank you for your time and God Bless. 

Re: Website is circles

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2020 12:23 pm
by Nurtaslim
OK, so as a social services major, I think it’s important for us when we provide information, to verify it first so as not to upset or further frustrate those in crisis. With that,
The first link ran me in circles, it doubled back to the main page. No help given. BTW, this happens and did happen to me with the 211 info line and as I spent 2 hours on the phone with the specialists, we found that THERE IS NO RENTAL ASSISTANCE on the 211 info website.
2nd link ran m in circles, no assistance.
And I went on and on and didn't find anything. Are you able to point me more specifically to some assistance instead of giving me a "blanket statement response" on assistance? It’s easy to copy and paste. I call it passing the buck. It takes to go above and beyond today in order to be efficient.

If you can’t assist me, can you please stop frustrating us by sending this stuff to others??

Re: Website is circles

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2021 2:57 pm
by Admin
Thank you for your comments. That is why we have a search bar in the top and bottom of the pages. It also clearly says that on the contact us and about us pages. Maybe the best way to find help is to use the search bar at the top or bottom of each page on the site. Type in what you need help with and the county and/or city.