Illegally towed car

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Kelly lynn
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Illegally towed car

Post by Kelly lynn » Mon May 18, 2020 6:06 pm

Hi, my NAME IS DUANE... I live in Vacaville, California and have for the last 30 years however MY CAR was towed from a residential street in Vacaville. The tow was illegal. It was completely safe not blocking or being intruding In any way from any of the homeowners renters or property in the Residential Area WHERE THE CAR WAS PARKED, HOWEVER I WASN'T NOTIFIED that the car was about to be towed (if Id idn't move the car), and now I am faced with having to pay fees to get my car back even though the car is inoperable and it was going to be repaired or maybe sold for 300 to $400 (as it has a blown head gasket).
I was going to see it to My MECHANICS FRIEND But his Friend needed more time to buy the car for two or three hundred dollars). My mechanic in Vacaville works out of his Home in Vacaville and My Car was just around the corner from where He lives...........But I NEED FINANCIAL HELP NOW to PAY the $400 to $600.00 to get my car out of the TOWING STORAGE YARD in FAIRFIELD,  CA. and I was advised that a COMMUNITY ACTION NON-PROFIT AGENCY COULD possibly help me if indeed (which it is anon-criminal situation),  but My Wife andI have a very Low Income even though we do work full time we are in need off financial assistance to get the car back so that it doesn't strongly AFFECT OUR CREDIT REPORT and also backup other bills that need to be paid which we can barely pay each month but do pay each one however the Fees to get the car leased from the towing storage yard is too high.
It is too costly to get the car back out of their lot from this illegal tow job so maybe I could just turn it in for 75 or $100. I turning it into a tow yard and donating money to local non-profit charity or just pay them money back into the agency or pay for a loan from the agency,  but I could just donate the car once it's out of the towing companies storage lot....Please GET BACK TO ME TODAY, MONDAY,  (as Day by Day the Storage Fees BUILD UP and I am taking today just to TAKE CARE of THIS SITUATION with my CAR,  but I can turn it in for Metal,  which is only 75 to $100 but I CAN PAY THAT BACK INTO a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION that NEEDS DONATIONS....Please CALL ME Duane.... for a CONTACT NUMBER.... for a NON-PROFIT COMMUNITY ACTION AGENCY or LOAN COMPANY that they may work with Me AND that can HELP ME with FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE to get my CAR OUT of THE TOW YARD in Fairfield, California...
Possibly there is a loan agency that works with people that are low income but maybe not a payday loan but just a short term loan? I am employed, work full-time as my wife is also employed and working full-time but our income is still a very low income...Thank you for your help. Hopefully call as soon as possible.

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Re: Illegally towed car

Post by Irene » Mon Oct 05, 2020 5:49 pm

Dear sirs,
I continue to seek help with a car payment and towing fees and now could be going to repossession proceedings from the illegally towed car
I have not only because I live in a very rural area, I was optimistic about finding and/or keeping employment only to having to resort to filing for SSDI again and waiting for answer.
I suffer from depression and pray I will only need assistance until I can seek the treatment needed to once again care for self financially.
I can provide more background if needed.
I just need to know where to go that can help for the illegally towed car.  Internet just sends me into a loop of more hyperlinks of no help found.  My condition makes it difficult to understand what I'm missing.
I read help is out there, where?  Nothing found locally.  I don't understand why no one helps with transportation. For dr. appts, etc. to attempt and give hope to be able to sustain some kind of self-reliance.
It's already difficult keeping above water.  Why wait until nothing left and then more difficult to recover.
I hope this makes since.  I'm fortunate enough to have a roof, water (no hot) and electricity.
Please advise, please help.  At this point without transportation it's over.
Thank you.

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