Police Harassment

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Police Harassment

Post by Terence » Thu Apr 02, 2020 2:05 pm

Journal Entry: 4/22/2020
I have an emergency and this is not a spam email.
I am having a problem with the police following up with my cases in the state of Washington. I am having a problem with being harassed on my way to work and back home. I have a bunch of documents attached to this email. If you can read through them and help me I would appreciate that. I have made reports to the department of defense, I made reports to the FBI and I made reports to the state police. How soon will I be able to talk to real FBI agents or privet investigators?
I am being accused of lying about a lot of things and I have evidence to back up my case and get something going. I am being harassed by police officers also and I am being blocked from getting normal jobs and going to school. The jobs and network that I am getting put into is setting me up. I am getting set up at jobs and annoyed by radio equipment while there is a set that is setting me up with the courts as someone with mental health problems. I have been assaulted and I have been hit with assault cases and I never hit anyone. I am going through people organizing was to set me up with police officers and people lying on my police reports to get me arrested and fired from my jobs.
How long will it take for someone to follow up on my report and get a case going for this police harassment?
Can you make sure someone is following up on my case and make sure they aren't trying to throw my case out by considering me crazy or a person with mental health problems.

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Re: Police Harassment

Post by Jeans » Thu Jun 04, 2020 3:48 pm

Though I do have a monthly income it has been used up already...was homeless for two months...had to relocate back to OK due to police harassment.
I will be alright come November, but in the meantime I need assistance in the form of gasoline vouchers or such to go to doctors’ appointments which are coming up (was in the ER twice this week). I also need food...I don't have anyone who can help as I am blacklisted due to the police harassment....what do you suggest?

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