Stole water utility service

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Stole water utility service

Post by AndyS » Sun Feb 16, 2020 3:27 pm

Approximately mid-February 20120 we receive a call from a neighbor stating she thinks you have a water leak in the front yard and you probably want to check it out. My husband checks into it and determines that he doesn't think so it's just snow melting etc. it's February and there is snow, ice and sleet on the ground. So, about a week or so later my husband comes home and he says we definitely have a water leak he immediately calls the O’Fallon IL. Water and Sewer Department water and informs them that we have a problem someone needs to come out and check out the situation. As you will see below the company eventually claims we stole water service from them,
At this point we don't know where the leak is until my husband started investigating. Mean while he is trying to shut the water off from inside the house as outside the house he can't as the water pipe is busted in the front yard and we can't shut it off on our end. I'm concerned why no one has contacted us as they should see our water usage has gone through the roof. Nobody shows from the water company, second call made we are told someone will be out nobody shows meanwhile this leak is now a full blown flood and something has to be done.
After about twenty phone calls on our end and a week or so later still nothing. So my husband shuts the water off at the meter because there is no other way, water is everywhere and we fear our basement will flood etc. Now mind you no one from the water company has called, mailed or come by. I also wanted to add my husband is not working at this time due to in injury so this makes it even more difficult for him to do any of this.
Now we are at the end of February my husband finds the pipe is busted in our front yard and he thinks it's due to faulty meter. He proceeds to turn the water back on because he's trying to figure out exactly what's happening, finally water company shows and they shut the water off but they don't communicate anything to us. The only communication we have had is the with the office and most times they don't answer or they tell you someone will be there or they don't know we just work in the office. By this point we are beyond frustrated and really don't know what to do.
My husband eventually is given the field supervisor Shoemakers phone number calls him and leaves him several messages that he thinks the faulty meter is/was the problem could he please get back with him. Yes, my husband does turn the water back on only to try resolve the situation we have no water. We by no means are filling swimming pools (it's February) and we have any malicious intent or trying to steal anything from anybody. All we want is our water!
When my husband turned the water back on he was going to turn it off immediately but he can't he's getting shocked electrocuted so we now know there are other issues. Calls Shoemaker once again he starts to indicate stolen charges and legal issues. Frank and several other workers show up the next day It's now March 12th, 2020, shut the water off take the meter and they leave still no communication didn't come to the door, call nothing and my husband has left his phone number numerous times with him and office staff. We are thinking great now something has to be done or least work with us to resolve this nightmare.
My husband finally gets a call from Frank around 4:30 on March 12th and he informs my husband that the problems are leaking/busted pipe and we are responsible to fix it. My husband disputes it. He thinks that the meter malfunctioned causing the pipe to bust. Well they could careless on anything that we say. Water Company now is accusing my husband of tampering with their equipment, stealing their water and he can be arrested etc. needless to say conversation didn't end well. Mind you we turned the water off at the meter because nobody would come out and do it. Also want to add Frank's last words you can't run a house legally  without running water! Insult to injury! On 10:00pm on March 12th several police officers are banging on my front door and you guessed it they are here to arrest my husband for tampering, stealing of the water utilities. The actual charges said a lot more then that but you get the idea.
We still have no water and my husband has been arrested and is injured. He has court appearance in June (water company is present with attorney) argues his side only to be found guilty(can't afford an attorney) pay a fine or community services which is ridiculous. If only the water company would help  instead of hinder! We receive a bill from the water company $1,381. The bill says final move out bill, only bill we ever receive since the ordeal started.
We are a low income family and this is devastating to say the least. Eventually my husband gets some help they fix the pipe and we come up with $1,381. This is now September we have been without running water for six months and husband is facing charges for stolen service! It's very difficult to run a home, care for children without running water! September 3rd or so I double check water company's online billing I do confirm $1,381 but at the bottom says total due 00 dollars. My husband calls the water company and inform him he has to go to the courthouse St. Clair county to get a lien form. Yes, now they have put a lien on our house.
On September 6th, 2020 he has the form and money goes to the water company, women waiting on him says sir your bill is not $1,381 it's $4,192.18. He tries to understand what she is saying and he wants an explanation of course she knows nothing. Just can tell him that's the amount due and that he tampered with the service and stole the utilities. This amount may as well be a million, husband is waiting on surgery on his knee due to an injury and I've been recently laid- off. The whole tampering is ridiculous and they are justifying everything on that. He asks for a printout of our bill she says no is not necessary but does give him three sheets of paper with three different amounts on them and not a whole lot of information. He asks to speak to a supervisor/someone in charge she tells him there isn't any one here to speak to. Later that day he got in touch with Frank Shoemaker he said he would look into it but we've heard nothing as of now. This is where we are still no running water and an enormous bill we can't afford and by no means should have to pay.
I've spoken to several people and last was ICC and they can't help due to it not being public water? I didn't understand. All I know is I have no choice that's where I have to get my water living in Fairview Heights. We need help, I don't know what else to do. Obviously the O’Fallon Water Company has no intent making things right. This situation has been a nightmare! We want a reasonable resolution and don't think it's too much to ask. Please if anyone can assist my family, give us some guidance it would be so appreciative. Thank you.

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Re: Stole water utility service

Post by Admin » Mon Apr 20, 2020 9:44 am

Where are you? As your email was way too long. Try legal aid though, as it can be free to the low income. And if someone stole your water service, that should qualify. Also call the police and authorities too. Find more details as well as information here. ... idaho.html

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