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Furnace for trailer needed

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2015 9:56 am
by Lolli
Hello! My daughter and her boyfriend are in need of a furnace for their trailer. They have been together since February 12, 2010. Their pastor is at Parkview United Methodist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. The Pastor is planning on marrying them in the summer of 2013. They are getting ready to have their first baby girl together on February 15, 2013 at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio.
They have contacted local and statewide organizations in Ohio for help for a furnace and no one will help them. They are looking for a free or no-cost-to-them furnace from an organization to donate to them. They do not have the money to buy a furnace or to make payments on a furnace. They have very bad credit because of medical bills on both of their credit reports.
They are a low income family with two pet dogs on public assistance. The trailer that they live in was bought and paid for with $3,000 dollars cash and her name is on the title. My husband loaned them the $3,000 to buy the trailer and they are suppose pay the $3,000 dollars back when they can. They own the trailer and the lot rent and utilities and bills are in her name. They have live in the trailer since June or July of 2012 and it did not come with no heaters or a furnace.
They are both receiving food stamps totaling $350 a month. She is getting supplemental security income (S.S.I.) and social security disability insurance (S.S.D.I.) totaling $700 a month. The daughter is getting Medicare insurance and Medicaid insurance. He is getting Care Source insurance. The daughter is also getting special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children (WIC) since being three months pregnant. The husband gets cash assistance from the state of Ohio for $115 a month. By the time they pay lot rent and utilities and bills. They only have $50 dollars a month to keep gas in their 2008 Ford Focus vehicle for doctor’s appointments. I try to give them $50 dollars to $100 dollars a week on Mondays when I get paid for gas and food when they run out of food or food stamps and gas. He is trying to find work. They are a good couple. They are in need of a furnace for their trailer! You can contact me at Miamisburg, Ohio.

Re: Furnace for trailer needed

Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 10:58 pm
by Perry
I need help paying my trailer off it’s roughly $20,000. My propane and central heat and air bills are well over $1,000 together, and the furnace is broken too. I'm an elderly lady with SSI and I have my granddaughter and two great grandsons living with me. She doesn't have a job. We don't have a car and have no reliable transportation. Our cell phones are shut off so we really don't have a way to call anyone for help.