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Air conditioner

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 1:16 pm
by Cooker
Had a nurse damage some major nerves during an iron transfusion, one of the nerve was one that helps control body temperature and now that it is summer I get VERY HOT and the only thing that helps is an air conditioner, plus I have some kind of major edema problem that even mayo clinic could not help me. They have never had seen anything like that, was told to stay out of heat because that causes even more severe swelling and they were right. I have swelled up so bad my clothes barely fit now plus I am a disabled person with an injury that most of the time I am in my bed. And I moved into this apartment that don't aver air conditioners only because I needed a hand-capped apartment.
so I am wondering if you could help me out in getting one. I would be very great full. I do not like asking for help but I don't have any extra money for anything. I got behind on my bills due to moving, and right before I moved my car got vandalized and I still can't get that fixed so I can't drive that and my dog needed to have 3 huge tumors removed so I owe $500 to my vet.
Now my other vehicle has things wrong with it so now I don't have a way to get my food or other essentials. I just wanted to explain why I am asking for help with an air conditioner. Thank you.

Re: Air conditioner

Posted: Thu Dec 22, 2016 10:21 am
by Adamslaw
My wife to be is pregnant. She lost her job in June and I have a part time. I have been trying to get a full time job but nothing until now. We are desperate. We cannot afford rent or bills or food. I desperately need financial help to be able to replace the air conditioner unit which is broken and since I'm on a "rent to own" contract, it's my responsibility to pay for it. It's over 100 degrees inside of the house during the summer. Please tell me where to go for help.