Forms to apply for disability

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Forms to apply for disability

Post by NFL1 » Tue Dec 03, 2013 9:34 am

I live in Missouri. I have applied for Medicaid and have been denied twice already and had to apply again. I have applied to disability have been denied twice and had to appeal the second one and have disability lawyer on it now that doesn't get paid till its over. But I have not worked since September 17th 2012. Was terminated due to health issues and health related appointments. I have barely been making it paying bills and such.

I am 42 years old was born here I am Caucasian male. And it seems almost impossible for me to get help. And I don’t understand why. My family has been helping me with daily living bills such as phone, food, rent, utilities, car insurance, gas, some doctor visits, some medications, etc but they are barely surviving themselves and live on a fixed income. I am running out of options and I don’t know how long it will take for my disability to go through or Medicaid or Medicare which ever but I need assistance now. My family will not be able to keep up supporting me if it takes years and it has already been over a year. Things are getting tougher for them as it is for me. So I need to know what options I have and what I can do. And if any packets can be sent to me with forms I may need to fill out or what not send them I need help with all my bills and medical bills and healthcare and treatments and medicine. All of it at least until I get disability. Thank you.

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