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Automobile payments are due

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2013 2:38 pm
by McDaniels
My Wish For Christmas. I just want a better life. Not anything extra special, no silver spoons or brass faucets, just better. I must give a brief synopsis of my situation at hand, in order to explain the place that my life stands today. Due to recent separation from a spouse that obviously found his love elsewhere, I have found myself in such a rut that I can’t pull myself out of, without help. When he left, he left me with all the bills so far behind that I could not catch them up, plus continues to pay regular monthly payments. Therefore, my son and I lost everything. The last of those, behind my car, which he left behind in the amount of $900.00. The finance company could no longer accept just a monthly payment, and demanded it all be paid current or they would repo the vehicle. I was unable to do that, plus pay for utilities, food, housing, etc. I would have been able to handle my responsibilities a lot better, if they had all been current when I had to take them all over own my own, but playing catch up alone is almost impossible, unless you have a high pay rate. I work 3 twelve hour days, on weekends at at a local Nursing Home and now that I no longer have my own transportation I have to plead sometimes, for rides to and from. On my days off, if I have any business to tend to or Dr. visits to be made, most of them I have to cancel, because I have no ride there, for myself, nor my son. We set here hungry and thirsty sometimes, because its takes all I can to pay my bills to live. I have put in for food stamps but its taking them a while to approve me because everything is in my mother’s name and she has to sign that I pay her to live here. I have applied and interviewed for a better full time or a second part time job, so that I can work to get make my car payments.

Re: Automobile payments are due

Posted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:53 pm
by Brewer
Hello I am from out of and my brake line in my truck broke causing the truck unable to drive. I had enough money for a nights stay at Vegas Motel. I am without money to fix my truck and have no where to go because money was all used for gas the room. I am in great need of a place to stay warm while I am trying to fix my truck and go home. If your office can assist me through paying a night are two for me and husband, please do so. If your business can help us with this unforeseen matter. Also if you help us find a person to fix our truck it would be appreciated greatly. Thank you for any assistance you can give.