Request For Compassion and Assistance Please

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Request For Compassion and Assistance Please

Post by Pearson » Tue May 22, 2012 11:31 pm

I am asking anyone who is in a position to assist me please give consideration to my plea for help. Since the passing of my mother (Feb 2011), I have worked hard to meet my basic needs yet several hardships have made the transition difficult for me. Presently, I have to get a major repair done to vehicle (only means of transportation) and pay living expenses. I do not have the funds to repair the vehicle; last year I was not well physically following the passing of my mother (anxiety), I had to replace a control module (major repair) in vehicle, moving resulted in another expense and an increase in what I pay out yet my income did not change nor have I been able to obtain additional work to supplement my income. I have two (family member and friend) persons who have helped as much as they can and being the only person in my household I'm not able to get any type assistance. Please respond immediately if God moves on your heart to assist me; I work hard to take care of the basics yet the numerous hardships during the last year have really made it difficult for me. I try to please God, treat everyone like I want to be treated, and give back in whatever way I can but right now I am in dire need of financial help. It has almost been a month since vehicle became inoperable yet I have to make payment on both vehicle and insurance coverage while not able to use vehicle. Thank you for considering my request and any assistance.


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