Advocate or attorney for disabled

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Advocate or attorney for disabled

Postby Bobbie13 » Fri Feb 09, 2018 7:06 pm

I am really hoping you can help me find some help for resources. I have a disability that greatly limits my ability to stay awake, alert, focus, remember, concentrate, stay on task, or complete things so it's very hard for me to look things up myself and see if I qualify or complete anything or even make phone calls most of the time. I also have severe back problems and recently had a spinal fusion and will likely have another one for two more vertebrae soon. I'm in a lot of pain most of the time.
I was rendered permanently disabled in January of 2016 after a successful career of 22 years. I am a single mother of a 12 year old girl, 100% of the time without child support, and live in an apartment. I haven't been paid since November of 2014 and can't pay my bills. I need to file bankruptcy but can't come up with the money to file. I have a lot of debt due to a divorce on multiple credit cards so I get many phone calls daily. I also have a medical bill in collections.
I also have a dog that is in dire need to see the vet as she is hypothyroid and it's causing her to get aggressive. Due to her thyroid problem she has lost most of her hair, has a skin infection that smells badly, a problem with her elbow that has a skin like thing that bleeds, needs her shots, rabies shot, thyroid medication and follow up blood testing, and heart-worm and flea medication. I can't afford food for her.
Also, the long term disability insurance company of my former employer is fighting my case and I have an attorney and he will get a hefty portion when I win but is not doing much of anything for my case, stalling for 6 months at each step (to the last day appeals can be submitted) and doesn't return my emails. I would like to know, if you have any way of assistance, if I can fire my attorney and get a different one...possibly without a fee?
I have applied for SSDI and am waiting for my hearing which will be a year from now.
Also, I have a ton of medical records, paperwork to go through, requirements from the disability cases to respond to by certain dates after looking through a ton of medical records, and things like that that I just can't hardly do because I'm not alert enough hardly ever and can't concentrate. Are there any ways to get help with this or get an advocate or something to help me with following through with what I need to do? I can't do it and can't miss the deadlines or forget to submit very important information that might cause me to lose my cases.
My son and I do have food benefits and Medicaid. We live in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
I would so greatly appreciate any help or any information you could send to me. I greatly appreciate your time.
If you could mail paperwork, as well as email, that would be very helpful. Please let me know and I will give you my address.
Thank you.

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Re: Advocate or attorney for disabled

Postby Diego » Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:31 am

Hi. I received a link at the Public Health and Prevention Specialist Office of Acquired Brain Injury who is helping me with an appeal for Medicaid for disabled.
In the meantime, my disability is still pending at the appeal level but I feel my attorney is not/has not been aggressive enough or given my case the attention it deserves. She's never spoken with my doctors, never been to my house to see how bad it has gotten due to my inability to do my ADL's. She never answers my emails and the questions I send to her. She doesn't do what she tells me she's going to do and I'm terrified if I do not get an advocate to help me with my disability case, someone to help me complete the huge forms to try to prevent foreclosure, then me and my boyfriend (already on disability and trying to support me with his disability check, which isn't enough and has because his to attempt suicide twice now) will be homeless or dead since we both have head injuries and mental issues, along with other disabilities, all "invisible" if you were to look at us.
My baby girl who just turned 12 this past December was taken from me a year ago as of 8/1/15. It originally for the wrong reasons by my mom & sister and until I can get stabilized, have income I don't have a chance of getting her back and my attorney should consider my boyfriend/fiancé’s 2 attempted suicides due to the stress of trying to provide for us, and foreclosure issues and my daughter being removed from me as a Dire Need. When I told her about the first suicide attempt in January 2015 she said she would write a dire needs letter immediately but when I asked her for a copy I never received it so finally after bugging her enough she sent it in May right after she wrote it, but 5 months later and it was a terrible inaccurate letter and she didn't even attach his suicide note stating the financial reasons were a contributing factor like she said she would.
I need help from my disability attorney for completing the loan modification application which it took me a year to complete the first time, but they only reduced it from $1150 to $950 which we couldn’t pay so now it's been a month and I can sit down very long because of the severe pain in my spine and specifically my sacrum which I previously broke and due to having been DX with narcolepsy 3 years ago and losing my job because of that and I have PTSD and a bunch of other issues. We just need help so badly and it's been going on (disability case) over 2.5 years and mine and my boyfriend’s medical co-pays & prescriptions this month are $1,000 then neither of us need to be climbing stairs yet I’ve been in my 2-story house over 14 years and the value keeps going up but repairs need to be done before we can sale it and I have no family support. We both have vehicles that need repairs, a roof needs to be replaced as well as sheetrock. Everyone I ask, my attorney, Health & Human Services, my Mental Health people and doctors, nobody can tell me where we can get help financially, physically & mentally.

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Re: Advocate or attorney for disabled

Postby Admin » Wed Jun 12, 2019 12:00 am

There are social security disability advocates out there. They can help with the filing and application process. Find them here. ... y_adv.html
But you need to research them, review pricing and fee structures, and ensure you select the right one. Most operate on a contingency basis.

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