Both car title issues and repairs

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Both car title issues and repairs

Postby Protein15 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:49 pm

Hello, I need help with getting my car repaired. It has several issues. I use the car mainly to get to school for a program I attend at HCC. I am disabled and on a monthly fixed income. I am having all sorts of financial troubles. I also need to get insurance on the car, only the State of Texas minimum. The car was bought and paid a while back.
I couldn't afford the insurance any longer. Plus, I need to get an inspection sticker for the car that will cost me 100 dollars. I must have these two things before I can change the car title into my name in which I have to forms to show for that are filled out if you all need to see them and any other bills I have and my income verification. The people that deal with the car tittles, says they can't give you a price on how much that will cost to transfer the car into my name until, I come there with the documents then I will told how much to pay for that. If you know any services can assist me with a gas voucher for my car, THANKS!!! SO MUCH FOR ANY HELP OR REFERRALS YOU CAN GIVE ME.

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