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Help before my mother goes homeless

Posted: Sun Feb 21, 2021 12:01 pm
by The Decision
Good morning,  I'm found your information on the Web while searching for assistance for my mother. The reason I'm seeking help for her is because she is a disabled 59 year old woman who has not had a stable home since March of 2020. After giving her landlord notice of moving  out to move to a better place with hot water and heat with no rats or the floor caving in throughout the trailer so we found a place in the same trailer park. We meet with the owner  several times to give all her information and agreeing on amount of rent and deposit and by when she would sign a lease with him as the weeks past the owner would tell her oh the person there now won't leave so he was going to go through the court system  but would still have the place ready for her to move in. But by the time she had to turn over the old place so you know we were for sure it was a done deal and secured that she would have a place by the time needed.
Well maybe a week before she was supposed to turn in the old place she had called the owner to see what was going on so she was not homeless. The landlord told her that he place was no going to be rented to her because  the person refused to leave which later we come to find out the person occupying the place was his ex-lover and had made up with her. So we had no other solution but to rent a storage for her and my belongings since it was impossible to find a place in a week. So from there my mother asked a sister of mine to stay with her temporarily and I had to return to my abusive husband that I had been separated from for over a year until we found something for us which became hard due to certain circumstances.
 I am begging of you or any other agencies to help my mother with assistance because she will become homeless to the point of not having  a roof over her head due to the fact that my sister and mother had some problems because of my sisters abusive husband. Now they are moving out at the end of October and told my mother she was not welcomed to go to the new house with them.
 I’m going to be 100% honest with you. I’m trying to see what I can do for her but there's is not much I can do due to a legal problem I have and count take care of it the way it was ordered because of this whole mess. The owner who just played with us for over a month. I also have been staying in different places with my 2 daughters since I left my husband mothers house where we were staying with him at the end of May when  the girls got summer break because things just were getting worse with his verbal and physical abuse in front of my girls.
My mother was diagnosed with bracket 2 breast and ovarian cancer maybe a month and half ago. Her cancer is very advanced to the point of the only thing they can do for her is remove her breasts and uterus, all while she may go homeless. She is going to have surgery within these upcoming weeks then will have another surgery for reconstruction so once again. This is the main reason I'm pleading for help for her since she will have no place to stay after being released from surgery. So please if there is any way you can help us get her a stable home we would be so grateful of you. If you can assist us in anyway  thank you so much for your time.