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Debt to income ratio too low for rent help

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2021 10:00 am
by Jenessa JJ
Hi, my name is Jenae.  I have 2 months’ rent that I need help with paying.  I am a student at Strayer University and my success coach made an error with the registration in my classes and that error has caused me to not be eligible for financial aid this term. I have gone to the local county office in Barstow, California and I have been denied help because they say my rent is too high, that it has to be in an 80% debt to income ratio of my income. 
  If you could please help me with some referrals or other resources for help that have a different debt to income requirement, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you for your time.
I was kind of discouraged with the less help that residents of Bibb county, Alabama had, so my first response back that caused your rude comments was absent of any thank you. I want to thank you for your original email that only had unbiased help in it. You second email to me was rude to say the least and the last was better, but still not what I would expect from a person working at a Christian organization.
Was I rude? I don't know, but my conscience seems clear except for giving of thanks for your first email and now I have done that. The email that offended you was down on the system, not the people. I can't blame them for taking advantage of what is offered to them and maybe I would also do the same.
I'm 54 years old and have been slightly crippled since I was 3. I gets worse as I get older and I was taking 15 aspirins a day for pain, but I quit because that probably would eventually cause problems for me in the future. People said that I should try for disability and I resisted till around 2013-15. I tried twice without a lawyer and twice with one. Been back working regular since December 2015. Need to use a cane when I walk, but a guard with a cane is frowned upon.
I was a hard worker before I got into debt and lost my income and could work as hard as anyone else back when I was younger--even against the pain I had. In late 2007, both of my knees came out of joint and I took a fall at work. My right knee had to be operated on. I was laid up a little while and it seems like arthritis has taken root in my joints since then, but I did very well when the doctor put me on steroids temporary in 2008. I could cut an acre field with a push mower that I had lowered the frame all the way to the ground and I had to pull it--all that in the hot sun. I also cleared the fence line on that property and made it look as good or maybe better than it did back in 1989 when I first started working there. That was at Kelly aerospace power systems which was called auto armature in the earlier years. Work in the shop was slack, so they turned me loose outside and I finally got full range movement in my right leg without therapy from all that hard work. They didn't push me--I pushed myself.
Now, I'm just a shell of my former self and I that depresses me because I want to stand on my own 2 feet and even give to others instead of someone giving to me. I have never asked for money from a church organization before. I have gotten some food from churches in the past and have made many prayer requests to churches. One time a church stopped my trailer roof from leaking, but the access to help came from a lady going to church there. We gave her some kittens and she found out how bad off my wife and I was, so she helped us to get some help. I have to get off of this phone and go do some stuff before it gets too late, so you have a good day and thanks again for everything you did for me before the rude email.
Ps: I know that JESUS loves and cares for all people and I know that HE also died for all. I believe that a country should help its own and the church should take up the slack for non-citizens and for ones that the system leaves out--citizens and non-citizens alike. I'm not jealous for the church helping anyone but I am the country doing that. I guess if you can honestly say anything about me--you're more than welcome to say that I'm jealous when it comes to the country favoring illegals over its own tax paying citizens.