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Evicted from COVID and moving to Airbnb

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 6:25 pm
by Cruisers
Good evening,
I am a spouse to an active duty, deployed Marine that has been evicted and now need to move. I will be moving to the St. Paul - Minneapolis, MN area December 14th to start a new job, and am in the process of finding a home to buy. Due to COVID-19 I am unable to stay with family in the area and am moving from several hours away, so I am facing the challenge of finding somewhere to live for a couple weeks while I close on a house. My husband and I were not prepared to pay for this extra accommodation, but due to the pandemic we are now faced with this sudden financial inconvenience. My current options are pay for a subleased apartment or find a long-term hotel/Airbnb accommodation, both being $500-1200 a month.
I am wondering if you provide any family support or a housing program I could utilize during this time for financial relief as we deal with an eviction from COVID-19 reasons. If you do not have assistance to offer, do you have any other helpful resources I can check out? Unfortunately, time is of the essence, so I appreciate your response.